Do "lightweights" loose slower?

Angie H.
on 8/3/10 3:40 am - Brooklet, GA
I am 5 weeks out and 36 lbs down but I have been at a standstill for like 2-weeks. I have been reading the boards so I know there is a 3-week stall, still it is hard. Everyone tells me - be patient you have had the surgery, you will loose more weight. My mind keeps going back to all the other diets I have been on, this is the exact spot I always STOP. I could never get below 200. I am 204 now and it is freaking me out. Please tell me it will continue.

Thanks, Angie
on 8/3/10 3:46 am
VBG on 01/09/10 with
Don't freak out, it will come off! Try to change up your food a little, eat different things, and add more protein in. The more protein I would eat in the day the better my week was............
I am sure all people are different, but as a "light weight" I lost pretty darn fast.
Also make sure you are getting all of your liquids in. I am not a good one to tell you to drink lots of water, I never could. But I did get my crystal light and other drinks in. I am a big Diet Snapple drinker now too. I know some say tea isn't good for you, but I have never had a problem with it. It isn't like other diets, you will have stalls but you won't stop there....I can promise you that!

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing....
on 8/3/10 4:38 am
IT WILL CONTINUE!  Lightweights don't really lose slower if you look at the percentage of weight lost.  For example, someone who needs to lose 200 lbs, may lose 30 in the first month, but someone needing to lose 100 may only lose 15 lbs that first month.  Although the one needing to lose 200 lost more, they both lost 15% of their goal.  Lightweights tend to get closer to losing 100% of their weight as well from what I've read.

Be patient grasshopper, lol!

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Angie H.
on 8/3/10 4:42 am - Brooklet, GA
I will be patient. It can only get better. I feel so much better already. No more diabetes meds, cut blood pressure meds in half and quit taking 2-other pills.
Shannon D.
on 8/3/10 4:46 am
I am a "lightweight" and I'm losing fast. I get my fluids, protein, stay extremely low carb, and exercise every day. I hit a stall at 3-4 weeks out too. I think almost everyone does. I "stall" for 7-8 days every month around my monthly too.
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Jane W.
on 8/3/10 5:15 am - Southaven, MS
I have always heard LW loose slower... but reading the other posts, don't know what to think.  I am 3 months out and have been loosing about 2 lbs a week after the lst week when I lost a lb a day.  I exercise 3-5 x a week, average about 1000 cal a day, 80-90g protein and 80g carbs or so of MAINLY good carbs...  I did hit a 2 wk stall at 7 wks., but expect them from time to time.  Good luck.  It was EXTREMELY hard for me during that stall, or days the scales go back up after 1-2 lb loss.  But I know I am doing everything I should be or willing to do. I can stick with the way I am doing it for life...  that's what matter to me.  I am down a total of 58 lbs from SW so I am a happy camper.  Can't say I don't wi**** was a little faster but like I said I think 2 lbs a week is good progress and something I can live with.   Good luck, hang tough.
on 8/3/10 5:17 am - De Pere, WI
RNY on 11/09/09 with
I lost pretty quickly.  I am down over 100lbs in about 8 months.
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on 8/3/10 7:12 am
You will get there Angie!  Don't lose hope.

I had surgery a measly month ago and I have been stalled for THREE WEEKS!  Trust me, as long as there is a caloric deficit, you will lose weight.  Lightweights will usually lose slower pound-wise, but will lose the same or even faster as far as weight percentage.  There was a good thread on this a while ago, but I don't know where it went.  Hopefully, a veteran will chime in soon!
on 8/3/10 1:08 pm - Northern, CA
Lightweights definitely don't lose slowly. We may not post those "I lost 40 pounds this month" posts but people who are losing 40 lb. a month often have hundreds of pounds to lose so their 40 pounds is like our 15 lb.

Studies show that lightweights are more likely to get to goal than heavyweights and do better overall in the weight loss department. That's one reason why I wish society would be more encouraging about people getting this surgery when they first get obese instead of waiting until they've put decades more abuse onto their bodies and have that much more to lose.

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on 8/3/10 10:57 pm - Eastlake, OH
Just breathe in and relax.
It will continue. You body just needs a little readjustment time.
You have gotten some good advice already, just want to give you a little support.
Hang in there the elusive ONEderland will be yours shortly!
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