Good Morning. OH page loading is giving me fits!

on 8/4/10 8:29 pm - VA
It's time to buy a few new servers or something, OH.  This is crap!

Hi guys,
I'll likely be wrapped up in meetings all day today but I guess that's ok as it makes the day go by pretty fast and vacation is next week! WooHoo!!

I'd also like you guys to think of Dee (ValleyGirl) today. This would have been her 55 birthday.  For newbies, Dee committed suicide this past March. She had her surgery in 2008; on her own with no support from her ex-DH. She was a wonderful person with a beautiful talent for kitchen design and cooking. I think of her at least once every day now. I still miss my friend.



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Shannon D.
on 8/4/10 9:08 pm
OH is having some problems! It is so slow and frustrating lately. I got home from running a little bit ago, gotta get used to getting up even earlier to work out since I'm going back to work.

Really sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure she is at peace now.
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on 8/4/10 10:18 pm
I never know if it is my air card or OH that is making it sooo slow!!  I'm fixing to try and copy/paste/post pictures unless it crashes.

At my parents now - one year doctors appointment this afternoon.

I didn't know Dee very well, but everytime I think of her it makes me sad because she seemed so full of life. I hope she is at peace now.

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Jody ***
on 8/4/10 10:52 pm - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
I'm not having any problems with OH.... .  Last night I was having some... seems the *smiley* page didn't want to load, and when it did half the icons were missing.  Oh and iI did have some problems with it not loading pages.  Maybe I AM having issues... I just shut down the page and read my book...

I left my new laptop at my daughters by accident, so I've been using the old one.  THAT is giving me fits - just shuts down whenever it feels like it (thus the NEW one)... its nice I have a backup one, but its frustrating at times. 

I really wish I had the opportunity to meet Dee.  We had exchanged PM's awhile back when we both were about 6 months out of surgery.  We had very similar issues going on in our private lives. 

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on 8/4/10 11:59 pm
Well, OH looks to be having system wide issues. I just did a Traceroute and it's not loading like it should. I also pinged the server, should not take more than 20 seconds to get a response and I got this:


We are sorry, we couldn't ping that computer.
Please try a different query.

So yeah, they are having major issues. If you write a post that you don't want to lose, copy it before hitting the submit button just in case it craps out.

Gina, I am sorry for the loss of your friend.


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on 8/5/10 12:05 am - Eastlake, OH
So sorry  about Dee. May she rest in peace.

Hope your day goes by fast!  Nothing like looking forward to a little vacation.

Lee ~
on 8/5/10 12:12 am - CA
Hi Gina,

I'm thinking about you and Dee this morning.  I'm so sorry that you lost your friend.

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on 8/5/10 1:43 am
Hey Gina, I really feel bad for you and Dee's family it must be so very hard to lose someone you care about in such a shocking way. The torment she was having must have been unbearable to do such a drastic action. It's hard not to be sad or even mad but she has found her peace and I hope those who knew her will find theirs knowing she is in Gods hands now and is safe from those demons she felt.

I have been opening a new window while the message reloads and have found it still loading after many minutes but if I come back to it if I refresh the window it sometimes loads up.
on 8/5/10 7:25 am
I've only been on these boards a couple of months but my heart aches when I hear about things like your friend.  On the Memorials page there was an article about a lady who committed suicide just days or a couple of weeks after making the decision to have WLS.  She was so brave and trying to do something for herself against incredible odds.

I know I have felt a lot of despair at times and my life is so very easy compared to so many.  It can be a cold world out there and I am thankful to have my friends here as well as my friends and family from my "real" life. 

May we all remember to be good to ourselves and try to put some positive into every day while we remain in tune with those whose lives are tougher. 

Peace and blessings to all,
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on 8/5/10 11:52 am - Blue Springs, MO
Gina, I have been thinking a lot about Dee lately. I have another friend who is going through a similar situation and I am doing everything I can to avoid the same outcome. Dee was always so supportive and seemed to have so much on the ball. I think I will always remember her fondly.
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