Rosa in Spring... (photos!)

on 4/2/11 11:18 am, edited 4/2/11 11:21 am - New York, NY
Hi LWs...

Where do I start?  I know that those of you *****member me probably wonder how things are going.  I'm doing fairly well; recovery has been steady since the trauma.  It aint easy, but I will say that things get better every week.  

In terms of weight loss, I'm losing about a lb a week these days, which is great.  I don't mind having the weight come off relatively slowly at this point.  I'm feeling pretty good about my size these days; I would like to tone up everything, but don't feel like I need the volume turned down much except for a few places here and there. And...please get my golden apple ready!  I'm only 3 lbs away...

I still see obese women on the street and think I look like them. It will take a long time to stop that.

I'm wearing anywhere from a size 0 (as pictured in these photos) to a size 8.  Couture is mostly 6s, 8s for pants, probably.  Commercial stuff is mostly 2s, some 4s for tailored stuff, 0s for places like Old Navy, the Gap, etc.  It just depends on whether or not there's stretch in the material, I think.

My hair isn't as loose as it was; I think it's getting back to being pretty strong.  That's a huge relief. 

My skin is starting to be a bit loose in some places as I'm getting to smaller sizes than I think I've ever seen!  Ick.  My tetas could use some tightening, but I'm exfoliating like crazy hoping to invigorate the skin...

I've kept up with ballet and running every week.  My ballet instructors are so happy with me; they love the weight loss (of course) and feel really good abou****ching my progress from week to week - they've played such an important role in my progress.  I think they're proud, which is awesome to see.  

Well, I think that's it, for now.  It's high season at work, and I'm crazy with schedule stuff.  But I think about you every day, LWs.  

Much love to you...

PS - Would one of you pasters help me out with these photos by pasting them in?  ;)  (You know how my computer won't let me...Thanks!)

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Jody ***
on 4/2/11 11:38 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
Here ya go Rosa!  Love to see you back and your pics and progress are great!

                                       wearing a size 0

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on 4/2/11 11:43 am - New York, NY
Thank you, Jody!  It's nice to keep up this tradition we have.  ;)
Ruthie D.
on 4/2/11 11:39 am, edited 4/2/11 11:39 am - Mayer, AZ
Nice to meet you Rosa, and congratulations on doing so well.  You look fantastic.  See you again sooner.  :-)    Ruthie

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on 4/2/11 11:44 am - New York, NY
Thank you, Ruthie!  It's lovely meeting you, too.
5'4 CW: 130, GW: 130
Springtime Challenge to reach goal of 130 in spring MET!!!

Roz !!!!
on 4/2/11 11:51 am - Butler, PA
I was so excited when I saw that you posted!!!!!   You look Awesome!!!!!!


God is walking with me every step of the way. Because of HIM this is possible!!

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on 4/2/11 10:17 pm - New York, NY
Thank you, Roz!  When I get to maintenance, I'm joining y'all on menus & miles.
5'4 CW: 130, GW: 130
Springtime Challenge to reach goal of 130 in spring MET!!!

Price S.
on 4/2/11 11:57 am - Mills River, NC
Remember and missed you terribly.  I'm so glad you are doing better and recovering.  It is a good season for recovery.  You look great.  Hopefully you will find the time to check in occasionally, especially when it come time for that golden apple. 

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on 4/2/11 10:19 pm - New York, NY
Thank you, Price.  You're absolutely right - spring is the time to spring into recovery!

I hope you're doing well, and you get better, too.  Be careful, love.
Kermit P.
on 4/2/11 12:20 pm
I am so glad you are healing.  I am new to this board but have not forgotten your last post.  You look amazing and I know so many on this board are rooting for you!

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