I got my date: May 28 with Aceves

on 5/10/11 7:17 am
 I am really just praying this works for me.

Thank you to the lightweights forum for giving me somewhere to read up and learn more about the journey. 
Ruthie D.
on 5/10/11 7:28 am - Mayer, AZ
Hi there Another Surgery!  ;-)   

Not to worry, it'll work for you.  And it'll work even better if you follow the rules to the best of your ability.  :-D    The LW's are here for you and you're going to do great!  Congratulations on deciding to take control of your life and make it WAY BETTER. 

       LIFE'S a REACH...    and then you FLY!!!   
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Ruthie D.
on 5/10/11 7:59 am - Mayer, AZ
By the way,  tkdgrl78 had her VSG in 12/2010 with your surgeon and she's doing great.  Have you met her yet?  You can catch her if you move quick because she's about to take a trip to Mexico in a couple of days.  If you want to get her opinion on your surgeon, that is... 
       LIFE'S a REACH...    and then you FLY!!!   
           HW = 224, SW = 204, CW = 124, GW = 119           
(deactivated member)
on 5/10/11 10:25 am
haha thanks, Ruthie!! 
Ruthie D.
on 5/10/11 10:58 am - Mayer, AZ
Absolutely Abby!  Anytime!!  Free advertising, right?
       LIFE'S a REACH...    and then you FLY!!!   
           HW = 224, SW = 204, CW = 124, GW = 119           
on 5/10/11 8:04 am
 I'd love to hear from anyone who has used my doctor, good and bad. This will be my very first time outside of the United States LOL
(deactivated member)
on 5/10/11 10:24 am
I don't think you will find many (if any) bad reviews of Dr. Aceves. I had a wonderful experience in Mexicali, and you will too. The hospital is clean, comfortable, the doctors are all fantastic and the nurses are amazing! I'm not sure what else you want to know! :) 

on 5/10/11 8:57 am - VA
Congratulations on getting your date! Rock on!


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on 5/10/11 10:19 am
Congratulations on getting your date.

Be sure to keep us updated on your progress.

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on 5/10/11 12:43 pm
Congratulations and good luck. You're in good hands.
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