I give up!

on 6/16/11 4:39 am - Lewiston, ID
That's it...I give up.  Haven't lost much of anything for the last few months.  I'm thinking I must be done.  I change it up, I change it down, drink more water, more protein, no simple carbs, can't remember what bread tastes like.  So now I'm working on accepting that maybe I'm done.  I don't know what else to do.

Stacey N.
on 6/16/11 4:41 am - Chesapeake, VA
I completely know how you are feeling but you cant give up just yet. We can not accept defeat, are you losing iinches?

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Amy P.
on 6/16/11 5:15 am - Liberty Lake, WA

You can't be done yet!!  How has your exercise been? I've been told by another patient of Dr. Rawlins that she had to have a few days of some pretty intense cardio sessions and she broke through the plateau and lost another 30 pounds! 

No giving up.....you know that I'm not that far from you and can come down there and drag you kicking and screaming. I don't know where I"d drag you, but I wouldn't let you give up!!

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on 6/16/11 5:15 am
I wonder if your body wants some carbs..I have noticed an increase in weight loss when I up my "good" carbs..by that I mean fruit/vegetables..I am not sure my body likes a really low carb diet (less than 50 grams) my body has a tendency to loose more when I get closer to 65 grams..and don't give up yet!!
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(deactivated member)
on 6/16/11 5:51 am, edited 6/16/11 5:53 am
 Hey  Sweet Sue ! its time to break out yer SNEAKERS ...  and yer   BATHING SUIT  lol  !! 

exercise has GOT to be the number one thing U do every day when U get up  for a while if U want to get through this plateau and  end up at a new  lower  hotter better defined  healthier setpoint .

U can do it  !! 

 The GOOD thing is .. its FUN .. REALLY  !!  yeah  , its a bit of a pain in the rear  especially in  the beginning ... but  put all Ur necessities where  U can find them , gas up  the second U GET  up, dress  ..pee,  then out the door U go  ( unless its raining  cats n dogs )  ...  jog  to a designated spot about  15 minutes out     and decide if Ure having fun ...  if yes .. keep going  ... if not  give Urself permission to come  back  ..  

the number one rule  is  do it  the number two rule  is every day  Ur  exercise has to be FUN so give Urself ABSOLUTE  permission to turn around once U get 15  minutes out  and past UR warm up  ( the warm up is ALWAYS  hard , sorry ...  but then it eases  ) !!    At least this is what works for me  .. having a positive experience every time makes me EAGER  to get out there  the next time ... ) 

TRUST me by being careful  and always  putting Urself and how U feel first  .. U WILL  start to enjoy the exercise .. not  only the results  ..   

if U have access to a pool  U can pull all  Ur flabby bits in so fast its not even funny by swimming  1/2  a mile a day and it wont even take you 45  minutes   ;) nothing gets rid of  bumflaps and bra overhang and batwings  like  swimming and noone has a better bod than  swimmers long lean defined muscles!   
Price S.
on 6/16/11 7:22 am - Mills River, NC
those little bits, coming off slowly are still better than we did for years, with little pounds adding on instead of coming off.

the one other thing I can suggest is that you start logging your foods on miles and menus everyday and see if anyone has suggestions.  I know it really helps me be accountable and keep track.

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on 6/16/11 7:40 am - Lewiston, ID
You are all so wonderful.  I have been in such a bad funk for so long.  I need to get my body moving and see if that helps. 

Thank you all for your very good advice.  I'll talk with my DH this evening about joining the aquatic center, I love to swim.

(deactivated member)
on 6/16/11 9:18 pm, edited 6/16/11 9:24 pm
 Cool !!!  and I  bet he'd  love to see ya in a bathing suit  lol    .  

Boy I wish I had regular access to a pool  .. even a just a few days  swimming makes such a HUGE   difference  ALL OVER The body ..it literally works even the tiniest muscles and even helps improve the posture  so much ...  

Did U know they  make underwater ipods  now ?   I would so  put on  some opera  and classical music and bliss out with  laps ... 

(  and if U  "cool off  " by going into the steam room  or sauna  for ten minutes post exercise ..  watch Ur skin get  miraculously   progressively 10-15  years  younger as the steam  opens up and evens out the pore texture  , erases wrinklies by  re-knitting the collagen structure  just under the skin ...  and sweating out  accumulated toxins ..

Ull even see  significant improvement in cellulite   if U have any  ...  and skin tightening all over the body 
on 6/16/11 7:57 am
Don't give up Sue!!!  Maybe your body is just resting because you lost so much so fast.  I agree with the others that maybe adding in exercise would help.  Swimming would be great.
Hang in there and keep us updated when you break through this stall!!
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Kermit P.
on 6/16/11 9:16 am

Sue, I am sorry you are struggling and so feel for you.  I agree about the exercise but also post on here for encouragement and suggestions.  I have known others who lost a good bit after the weight loss stopped for several months so it is not a done deal yet!

We miss your smiling face!


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