I've been called back (Roz)

on 1/11/12 4:48 pm - Israel
Ok now I think I got this iPhone forum down.
I've been AWOL and been outer as seen on Plastics and DS.
I'm a revision from SRVG(120k), VBG and then after severe GERD I
Had RnY in Feb 2008.
I went in weighing 104K (my height is 152cm!) and lost to weigh as low as 75K (for a couple of weeks).
I suffered from severe rash on my C-scar and neccessitated a panni even though I was not at goal or proper BMI.
My Panni/TT was 8/8/11 weighing in 82-83K. ThreeK was taken off but I now weigh 77-78K. I recently bought here in Israel three new skirts size 42(no idea what that is in American) and as I wear only skirts outside the home.
I had gangrene on a very small part of the Plastics-hence my hanging on the Plastics mire than here.
I am also on FB --Mikimi Steinberg--for whoever wants to friend me and I sometimes put up pics there.
well that's it fir the long lost soul returning to the hone front.
Mikimi in Israel
on 1/11/12 5:22 pm
I hope you are doing well now.  Three surgeries!  That is a lot.  You deserve to have good health by now.
Best wishes to you.

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on 1/11/12 6:07 pm - Israel
The first surgery was in 1993 so things are not as bad as what might seem. The harder part was thr Plastics and gangrene setback.
Thank GD I am fine now.
on 1/11/12 6:42 pm - VA
Welcome back!


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Stacey N.
on 1/11/12 8:06 pm - Chesapeake, VA
Welcome back glad to see you are recovering nicely.

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Price S.
on 1/11/12 8:56 pm - Mills River, NC
Sorry you have had so much issues with the surgeries but glad you are doing well now.  Don't understand your measurments but I can see they went down significantly, so congrat.  Drop in anytime.

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on 1/12/12 12:56 am - Israel
I am 5ft tall/short

(deactivated member)
on 1/11/12 10:12 pm
 Welcome back Mikimi!    Hope you  are  feeling  much better .. 
Lee ~
on 1/11/12 11:58 pm - CA
 Hi Mikimi!  Nice to see you here on the LW forum!

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on 1/12/12 1:42 am
Welcome back.  We miss everyone when they leave us!!
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