looking for a new protein shake

on 3/26/12 6:23 am
Hey guys!

I haven't been on here much lately.  You know how it is, living life!!  Anyway, I am looking to try a different protein shake.  I was thinking about this one (see link below)....what do ya'll think about the nut value???  I am VSG btw...it's called Isopure Perfect Low Carb..here is the link:   


what do you think?

Lee ~
on 3/26/12 7:25 am - CA
Hi Robin,

VSG here too!  I haven't done protein shakes much for the last two years but decided I would hunt down one that I like.  I bought this exact product a few weeks ago and I love it!  I don't like protein coffee but I do love protein hot cocoa so that's what I've been doing.

I mix the two scoops with 16-18 ounces of water.  Pour into a 20 ounce mug.  Microwave 40 seconds 2x, then a few more seconds, stirring between each go round.  Once hot I add a squirt of Light Whip Cream and enjoy it as my morning beverage.  When done, Whala!  50 grams of protein to start the day.  I love that it's a total of 220 calories and 3 carbs.  It keeps me satisfied for around 4 hours.

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on 3/26/12 9:10 pm - waukesha, WI
It doesn't get funky and lumpy when you heat it up?
Lee ~
on 3/27/12 12:42 am - CA
 It will get lumpy if heated too long.  I start with cold water and heat 30 seconds twice, stirring between to release trapped heat pockets, then again for a few seconds if not hot enough.  If I don't stir it gets lumpy.  With a 20 oz mug I can let it go 40 seconds at a time.

HW: 249   SW: 229 GW: 149 Age: 63 - Body by Sauceda - 12/2011

on 3/26/12 10:15 am - PA
This is one of my mainstays  - it is also Lactose free, which is important to me.  I mix it with warm Lactaid skim milk for my hot chocolate many mornings.

(It is less expensive at Vitamine Shoppe, but GNC has the nice bags that are great for traveling).
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on 3/26/12 11:00 am - Cambridge, MA
Jay Robb Egg White Protein. Love.
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on 3/26/12 11:16 am
Hi there! This is Jeff and I too have been living life and have been absent. I am in the Omaha area and I like Complete Nutrition V-core whey protein shakes in chocolate at 20g protein. I think maybe it might be local. I have DS but a longer common. So I am a lot like a VSG as I understand it.
on 3/27/12 2:21 pm - VA
Thanks for the tip! I had an RNY one month ago. I too am on the holy grail search for the best protein shake. The anesthesiologist at the hospital told me he'd had RNY & he adores IsoPure Plus Zero Carb drinks in 8oz bottles. They're not shakes, they're more like Kool-Aid (clear). Each tiny bottle has 15g protein. I ordered Alpine Punch & Grape Frost (that's the flavor the anethesiologist recommended). They came today. I chilled them & tried the Punch. Oh my gosh I almost fainted with happiness! What a huge difference taste-wise AND on my tummy. I usually have to still still for about 20-30 minutes after finishing a protein shake (Premier, EAS Myoplex, Muscle Milk, Nectar unflavored powder, etc.) because I'm queasy until it digests. But not after the IsoPure drink. WOW I'm so happy I pulled the trigger & ordered some. Best wishes on your journey!

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Sandra C.
on 3/27/12 11:27 pm, edited 3/27/12 11:27 pm - Kalamazoo, MI
 I have a D.S. All the powdered protein mixes seem to make my mouth too dry. I have found the pre mixed protein shakes dont do this to me. I like Premier Protein-30g protein,3 carbs, 160cal. I mix a tbsp instant coffee in a bit of water first, then add it to the vanilla shake in a "to go cup". Keep the shakes in the fridge for an iced coffee. Chocolate/coffee is great too. Costco, Sams, and Meijer has these shakes. the Isopure made my mouth very dry. I have a dry mouth from medications, not a usual condition.

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