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Turtle Lynn
on 6/18/12 12:41 pm - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
First off, I want to thank everyone again for all of the great advice, support and encouragement I have gotten from the members here!  Y'all rock!!!!!  and I apologize for not answering posts sooner!

I haven't been feeling all that great still for the past week or so and have been going to bed pretty early.  Today has really been the first day I felt up to spending time on the computer.  

I will be 3 weeks postop tomorrow from my LapBand removal and revision to gastric bypass, and although I am still having some pain in two areas, I now know it is from where my surgeon had to cut through the muscle in each area to detach my LapBand, which was attached to the underside of the abdominal muscles.  I'm not feeling like such a wimp now lol.  He gave me a new prescription for different pain meds last week and told me I may have the pain for a few more weeks, especially in the one spot because those abdominal muscles are used constantly. 

My blood pressures have come down but unfortunately my sugars are still way up so I'm back on my daily injections .  I see my PCP next week for follow up for the diabetes, and am hoping that as I get further out, it will go back into remission.  I had been hoping I'd come home and it would be gone, but I wasn't that lucky.  

I guess I'm at the 3-week stall because I got weighed today and am still the same as last Monday.  Though I was told today that I look like I lost more weight and my one friend who I haven't seen in 6 months actually told me how "thin" I was now. . . .what?!?!? Really?!?!?  That pretty much made my day!!!!

I'm struggling to get the shakes in.  I'm only averaging one a day, and he wants me to get in at least 3 a day. . .but if I do that, that's roughly 600 calories a day and I don't have any room left for food!  If I eat food for protein, I don't get enough protein grams in either . . .grrrrr. . .trying to find a balance here with the eating is turning out to be more frustrating than I had expected.  

I do get very hungry at times but then 4 or 5 bites later (or 1 protein shake later) I'm full for hours at a time and I totally don't even think about eating!!!  I'm getting in maybe 32 oz of my fluids a day plus at least one shake if that counts towards fluids.  

I go back to my desk job working from home this Wednesday, and I am anxious to see how I will make out.  I am hoping I don't run into any issues!!!

I've had one ring guard put on already, which was pretty cool, and took another ring off as it's now too big and the jewelry store was out of matching ring guards for that one.  

I've got jeans (with a belt on) falling off of my butt, which my kids find hysterical. . .the more I walk the quicker my drawers slide down no matter how tight my belt is!!!  I told the kids the heck with it, I'm getting suspenders for underneath to hold em up because I have no butt to keep my drawers from falling off!!!  I wonder if I can order me a butt off of Ebay. . . . . . 

The only thing really driving me crazy is the itchiness of my incisions!!!!  I know that means they are healing but man do they itch at times. . . .I swear I must look like I have fleas when I scratch my belly lol!

I'm looking forward to being more active on the board now that I'm feeling better, and wow do I have a lot of posts to catch up on!  Good thing I enjoy reading!  

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on 6/18/12 7:08 pm - VA
Good to see you posting. Those protein shakes (or the fluid you put in them count) :)  Don't worry about food if you can get protein shakes in right now. The protein will help you heal faster and then you can worry about the food and vitamins. It definitely is a balancing act.


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Turtle Lynn
on 6/19/12 12:30 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with

Thanks Gina!

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Price S.
on 6/18/12 9:16 pm - Mills River, NC
Hurray for being home and feeling better.  It does take a while, you had major surgery and a repair.

Yes, the fluid counts from your shakes.  You must be using milk to make them for the calories to be that high.  Might want to order some samples from vitalady and find some like the nectars that you mix with water instead of milk.  Significanly cuts the carbs and calories.  Get your protein in the most bioavailbale form, which is the shakes.  You have the rest of your life for food.

Looks like a trip to the thrift store is in order.  Don't spend or buy much because you will have more clothes falling off.  And while that old scale is stalling, you are probably still losing inches, esp. this early out because you are probably still swollen somewhat. 

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Turtle Lynn
on 6/19/12 1:56 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with

Hi Price,

That's good to know that I can count my shake(s) towards my fluids.  I am using the pre-mixed shakes, specifically, Ensure high protein, which is 210 calories, 5g of sugar and 25g of protein, so 3 of them a day is 630 calories just for the shakes!  I'm not even sure how many calories I am supposed to be taking in; it isn't specified on my paperwork anywhere.   

I need to find a powder protein that has the milk protein and soy protein isolate in it because the whey protein still makes me gag .

I'm about ready to start digging out my smaller clothes from when I lost weight with the band; I still have them.  I will have to lose another 15-20 lbs before I can get into all of them.  I am hoping they will last me through the summer so I can wait until winter to start getting more clothes!  I love going to the thrift store, though I buy too much every time lol. 

I think you're right, the weight remains the same, but my body shape is changing, so I am happy with that.  I'm not going to stress because the numbers on the scale haven't moved in a week, especially since you guys all let me know it was coming

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on 6/19/12 4:55 am
Glad you are home and doing good.

Maybe your diabetes will get better and you can come off the medicine later.

Can't wait to watch your progress!!

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Turtle Lynn
on 6/19/12 6:46 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
Thanks Linda!

I'm hoping that's what happens with my diabetes!  I figure the more weight I get off, the quicker it will go back into remission. 

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