Hating my self....UGH!!!

on 9/26/12 7:26 am - vancouver, WA
 For you that don't know me, my name is Asia I have been MIA for the last 2 years.  Nice to see Gina and Roz still on here.  Man it seems like forever since I checked in.  Well I am now borderline of being obese again so dam I need to kick it into gear.  for me to be normal I need to lose 25 pounds.  those stupid carbs and soda will kill a person.  

I need to get an excercise video to get my butt moving.  I am thinking of getting the Sean T one called insanity.  I don't want the P90x there is to much stuff to buy with that one.  

Ok well I know Roz and Gina will ring in so I will hear from you guys soon,



BTW....I no longer live in Hawaii, I am in Washington now...Big change.

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on 9/26/12 7:38 am - VA
 Asia!!    Congratulations on all your recent changes. Any other news you want to tell us about?

Straight and narrow, babeee. Start posting on M & M.


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Price S.
on 9/26/12 9:27 am - Mills River, NC
Hi Asia and welcome back.  No kicking butt here, just letting you know there are a bunch of us trying to figure out maintainance and you are welcome to join us. 

No hints for videos here.  I have been going to the gym instead.  I do better with a group.  Just finished a muscle pump class tonight and will do a water Zumba tomorrow night.

You can get those extra pounds off, just get back on the program.  We are here for you.

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Kermit P.
on 9/26/12 11:17 am
I hate when people feel like they cannot admit they are struggling....we are here for you...you know what to do...decarb and start anew....I have been slacking when it comes to exercise and am recommitting....you can do this!!

Start posting and no hating on oneself!

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on 9/26/12 12:08 pm - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
Hi Asia!  Good to see you back!  I hear ya regarding the carbs - they're nasty little buggers.  I've "bounced back" about 8 lbs and not happy about it, so I feel your pain.

As far as exercise goes, I am lacking in that too... I need to get my behind moving again too.

Wow - Washington - I'm going to assume "state" right?  I thought you were going to Las Vegas?

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(deactivated member)
on 9/26/12 3:55 pm - Southeast, TX
30 Day Shred...Jillian Michaels. Easy exercises that kick your arse!
on 9/27/12 5:04 am - vancouver, WA
 Thanks everyone.  I was looking at the Jullian Shred and even on thinking about joining her website.  I am setting up my bedroom right now trying to get a good place to excercise without all the kids around.  

Being away from Hawaii and into the cold is a big change.  You can't just go walking outside its to dam cold and I haven't even started hitting the winter months.  I know I can do this but I just have to stay focus.  Need to go shopping for some raw vegstables and stay on the outside of the store!!!

thank you all,


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on 9/29/12 12:14 am
Hi..welcome back.  I love your comment about "staying on the outside of the store."  That is a good reminder for us all.  While I have never lived in Hawaii, I don't do cold well either.  I can imagine that is a huge adjustment for you.

on 10/4/12 2:40 am - London, United Kingdom
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I wouldn't bother with the 30 Day Shred unless you're really unfit - it's just not a challenge. Sean T sounds good and I may go for that in the new year.

Barry's Bootcamp was fun and motivating, but it does get to being pretty easy after a couple of months (I guess that's true of most exercise eventually).

At least you're working on getting back on track so well done for that.

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on 9/27/12 7:20 am
Welcome back Asia!!  This board has really helped me to stay on track better.  I still do crazy things sometimes because I have such a sweet tooth and can eat some sweets without getting sick.  But I usually think about it because I post on Roz's Menus and Miles and hate to keep putting cookies down everyday-LOL!!

You still have your tool and know what to do.  There are so many of us in maintenance now.  It is such a learning experience.

Good luck.

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