Hello LW's!

on 11/15/13 12:50 am - NY
RNY on 11/06/13 with

I've been lurking but I thought I would post just to say hello.  I'm quite new to all of this, as well as being already just over 1 week post op.  My RNY surgery was last Wednesday, November 6th.  I started above 42 BMI, but was just about 40 BMI on surgery day.  I think this might qualify me as a Lightweight, although I can't see myself getting below 160, even though my doctor thinks I'll end up in the 150's.

I plan to attend a local support group as well, but online/e-mail is the way that usually works best for me to communicate and keep track of my life.  It feels really strange to not really have any questions so far, but I've been doing pretty well with all of my doctor's orders, and since I'm super forgetful, my hubby and daughter are here to help me when I need it as well.  I honestly cannot wait to get back to work.  I've been at home this week, and I'm ready to get back now.

Just wanted to say hello, and hopefully make some new friends!  Hello LW's!

RNY: 11/06/2013     HT: 5'5"     SW: 250     GW: 150s

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Candy V.
on 11/15/13 12:57 am - MI
RNY on 09/12/12

From what I see of your stats, we are very similar.  See my siggy line or profile.  I am 43, I cant tell your age or height.  Ht 5'4".   Yes you are a lightweight LOL  I love being called a LW  ha ha

Welcome to the Lightweights board, we have many helpful vets on here :)


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on 11/15/13 1:13 am - NY
RNY on 11/06/13 with

Thanks so much!

I've just turned 39, and I'm 5' 5" - so yeah, quite similar!

RNY: 11/06/2013     HT: 5'5"     SW: 250     GW: 150s

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” ~Raymond Lindquist 


Candy V.
on 11/15/13 2:01 am - MI
RNY on 09/12/12

160 should be easy for you :)

I set my original goal at 150 and got 20 lbs below it, lowest was 129.  Now I am at 131 and trying to stay close to there.

 RNY 9/12    TT 9/13    HT 5' 4"   HW 250    SW 242   CW 125

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A. Kondrlik
on 11/15/13 9:15 am
VSG on 01/24/13

Our starting weights are simaler and at 10 months out i am 146.  Stick to your plan and the weight will melt off so fast you won't believe it.  Welcome to our board!  lightweight is a state of mind.  on this board there is no drama and lots of support.



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on 11/15/13 10:00 am

Congratulations on your surgery and welcome to the LW board. 


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Price S.
on 11/15/13 10:37 am - Mills River, NC

Hurray for RNY.  I love mine and hope you will do, although it may take you a while to get over the sore, and on to real food.  Looking forward to following your journey!

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on 11/15/13 12:29 pm

One of the good things about being a lightweight is we are more likely to reach goal and many go below it.  It is good to have a higher goal though to keep from being discouraged.  If you stick  to the plan and use this "honeymoon" time to reinforce new habits you will be surprised at the results.

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on 11/15/13 9:47 pm - London, United Kingdom
DS on 07/24/12
Congratulations. All the best for an easy and speedy recovery.

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on 11/15/13 10:28 pm - Eastlake, OH

Welcome aboard!

Congrats on the beginning of your journey!


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