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on 6/13/14 1:03 am - NY
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Hi all,

Just am so happy to share ... yesterday I received an e-mail that I won a bracelet from the OH Mantra giveaway, so I am so blasted exited, I can't stand myself, LOL!

Also, just this past weekend, I completed my first triathlon!  There are pictures here if you would like to see: HCTriathlon 2014 pictures

I have been super busy, also playing softball, and now trying to figure out now if I want to train some more and do another tri (they are right, it can be quite addicitve, but I wish they weren't so expensive!)

I have been hovering around 160-162 since 5 months, and I'm trying not to get defeated, but definitely afraid of this being the end of the honeymoon!  I'm only 7.5 months out, so I just don't want it to end, but at the same time, not much I can do if it does, right?  Well it's a slow day at work, so I had time to post, so a hello to you all, and hope everyone is doing well!


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Price S.
on 6/13/14 1:16 am - Mills River, NC

Congratualations!!!! to finish is to win!!!!

Looking great!!!  I really doubt you are at the end of the honeymoon yet at 7.5 months but you are about where I was when I slowed way down.  I upped my protein and lowered my carbs and kept losing slowly.  Esp.  if you are working out hard, you need the protein.  Why not post for a while on Miles and menus and see if folks have some suggestions. 

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Roz !!!!
on 6/13/14 9:30 pm - Butler, PA

Congrats on winning the bracelet!  I don't think I have ever won anything worth anything.

ONLY 7.5 months out is a plus!  If you follow the RNY program of HIGH Protein and LOW Carbs the honeymoon period should last quite awhile.  I lost for about 18 months.  If you "hovering" increase your protein for 3 or 4 days (preferably through Protein Whey) and then drop it back down for a couple of days and that should break your stall.

Congrats on your triathlon!  I'm going to check out your pictures as soon as I'm done posting.


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