Dawn W.
on 12/13/14 7:30 am

i was denied surgery. I have a BMI of 37 & no health issues other then an aneurysm at 19 with no after effect. Thoughts on appeal??

on 12/13/14 7:02 pm - VA

In the US, the standard is 35 or higher BMI with a couple of comorbidities such as sleep apnea, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, etc.  Now, I have hear that in a couple of states a lower BMI can get, if they self-pay, the sleeve. The sleeve would be an excellent choice. You can go to Mexico or Brazil where the standard starts at 30 BMI and self-pay. No issues with that option just be very careful of the surgeon and seek the ones that have experience and great reviews.


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Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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on 12/14/14 1:10 am - London, United Kingdom
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Worth checking if you do have apnea. Do you wake a few times during the night? Are you tired in the day? It's worth getting a sleep study.  You can do them at home as the doc should be able to give you the equipment that you hook up to yourself.

And who doesn't get exercise induced asthma?


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on 12/14/14 10:18 am - IN

If you go the route of self pay, as I did, consider Mexicali.  Loved my sleeve experience with them!  Check into it.


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Price S.
on 12/14/14 9:08 pm - Mills River, NC

I just think our medical system is so broken.  There are folks every day that get discharged from mental health care and then go kill themselves or someone else.  I hate that they are wanting you to be sicker before allowing help.

Off my soap box now and hoping maybe a sleep study will get you a co-morbidy that will work. 

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on 12/15/14 1:10 am

I would be no help with appeals.  I just wanted to wish you good luck!!


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Dawn W.
on 12/15/14 1:13 am

No sleep apnea

Roz !!!!
on 12/16/14 5:46 am - Butler, PA

Welcome to our LW Board!  I just wanted to Wish you Luck.  Keep us Posted!


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