Stupid stalls

on 5/14/15 7:08 am
VSG on 02/25/15

I hate stalls on slow loss. Whatever you want to call it. I have added exercise at least twice a week some cardio, mainly weights. But my scale hates me. I am so glad I am dropping inches and can see toning in my legs and shoulders. But I am so close to breaking into the 170s that I am getting frustrated. I have been playing in the low 180s for almost this whole month. Next week, on Wednesday will make 3 months and I have only lost 5 pounds this month. I know that adding exercise will cause me to retain some fluid but dang it, I can't stand it.

Sorry  I just really needed to vent! I know I am losing inches... I would just like the scale to get in gear too. It doesn't help that I go see my surgeon next week either and even though I know I am doing good, I don't know what his expectations for me were.

5'1 Consult: 227 HW: 232 SW:212 CW:131 GW: 120 Pant size start: 18/20 Current: size 6/8

M1: 195 (-17) M2: 184.6 (-10.4) M3: 176.6 (-8) M4: 168.2 (-8.4) M5: 160 (-8.2) M6: 155.4 (-4.6) M7: 145.6 (-9.8) M8: 141 (-4.6) M9: 137 (-4) M10: 135.8 (-1.2) M11: 135 (-.8) M12: 131 (-4) M13: (-0) M14: (-0) M15: (-0) 

Have stopped losing pounds but am losing inches! 


on 5/14/15 9:42 am
RNY on 02/09/15

I know you know, but your loss is going fine.  You had that huge pre-surg loss that may have given you a slightly slower start, but your overall loss is amazing.  You also have lost about 25% of your pre surg body weight.  I also dream of the 170's, but don't get too stressed instead glory in those successes you've had.  LOL & keep dreaming of those pending ones!  Well do this thing together!!!

I'm Jo   HW 245, SW 236, CW 151 Yeah (Normal BMI!!!!)

M1=213 (-23), M2=201 (-12), M3=186 (-15), M4=175(-11), M5=166(-9), M6=157(-9), M7=153(-4) 



Elizabeth C.
on 5/14/15 9:43 am - Mansfield, TX

I stall a lot too.... I tend to lose for 1 week and stall for 3... :/  It is very frustrating, but eventually the scale will move again. Just keep following the plan and you will lose. :)

Don't worry about your Dr. appointment.  I'm sure your surgeon will be pleased. :)  My surgeon wanted to know how I was feeling.  He was happy with my results even though I wanted to be further along.

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Price S.
on 5/19/15 4:29 am - Mills River, NC

Instead of using something you can't control, the scale, to give you positives, use something you can control.  Did you stick to your program?  Did you get your fluid in, protein?  are you staying away from the things you need to? Moving in some shape or form? Then you are doing great and the scale will follow.  This is not a sprint, it is a marathon and the rest of you life.  Getting to goal doesn't mean you are going off this diet, it is that you will learn a new way of eating for the rest of your life.  If the scale is too frustrating, pack it away.  You don't need it to tell you that you are doing fine.

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