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Karen H.
on 11/25/15 6:13 pm
VSG on 12/08/14

I had VSG on Dec 8, 2014. I am 5'4'' age 58.

HW : 240  CW 144  GW 130

I have been bouncing between 143-145 for the last 2-3 months!!! My diet consist of 

B:  2 turkey sausage  

S: chobani yogurt OR protein shake

L: chobani yogurt OR premier protein bar OR grilled chicken with spinach leaves

S: chobani yogurt OR protein shake with apple

D: chobani yogurt OR 2 turkey sausages OR 2 premier protein

S: unsweetened lemon tea with splenda

I think I am getting enough protein. But, the carbs concerns me. But, I can't get the gratings under control. I am also wondering about my calories here. I exercise very little... elliptical 30 min. 1-2 times/ week.

Any suggestions to get me back to losing?? Can you get me straighten out? Thanks again!!



on 11/26/15 2:35 am - VA

I like your diet for losing weight. The only thing that sticks out is the apple and it may not be an issue in the overall scheme of things. You might try to bump up the metabolism through exercise. What helps me is to walk and do some light exercises for about 15 minutes every hour or so throughout the day. You may not have time or the place at work, but at home you can run stairs or do push-ups at every commercial break when you're watching TV. Get creative.


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Roz !!!!
on 11/26/15 2:24 pm - Butler, PA

I didn't eat yogurt during the losing stage and I still don't eat Protein bars. I don't consider that "good" Protein.  Maybe if you put some unflavored Whey Protein in your yogurt that might help. Syntrax Products are Good Protein and low carb.

I suggest increasing your "Good" Protein for about 3 days and then drop back down to your norm.  That might jump start you.


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Price S.
on 11/26/15 2:54 pm - Mills River, NC

I tried to keep my carbs under 30 while I was losing.  I would see about adding some more solid protein and maybe some low carb veggies like green beans, broccoli, any greens.  Yogurt, even greek with extra protein, when right through me and I was hungry again immediately after.  Yogurt (from the milk sugars) is pretty high in carbs and your protein may be.  Syntrax is low carb and high good quality protein.  You may want to give that a try.

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