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Hello everyone. I just joined and wanted to say hi. I've been reading the different forums and searching for answers to my questions for a while now. This is such a great site. Thank you to all the regular posters for all you do!

I am undecided if surgery is for me, or I guess which one. I've had severe reflux for many years and I also have osteoarthritis. These two conditions seem to point to different procedures. I attended a seminar yesterday at my local hospital, SSM DePaul in St Louis, but I already had learned pretty much everything they told us from this site. (You guys rock!!)  I'm waiting to be contacted by the patient advocate to learn what is required by my insurance, BCBSIL. 

I went to the seminar yesterday thinking I would prefer the DS but I know my insurance won't cover it unless I am a BMI of 50, so was thinking sleeve. The surgeon conducting the seminar made it sound like he would recommend RNY due to my reflux. He did say he wouldn't do a DS on anyone below BMI of 43 unless they have severe diabetes. Since insurance wouldn't cover, it doesn't really matter I suppose. But, I have no idea now what I will do but will have to wait for a discussion with the surgeon eventually. 

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello. Feel free to share your thoughts on the different options. 


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Just saying hi! 

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Hi, my name is Marianne and I would love some tips from you if possible. Your height and weight presurgery are similar, but I am only two weeks post-op.thanx.

Price S.
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I wanted a sleeve but 6 years ago it was still "experimental" for my insurance. I had the choice of RNY or band and I am so happy I chose RNY.  I love it and can't imagine being happier. 

Keep reading and asking questions.  Glad you found us!!

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Welcome aboard!    I think we have just about all the various surgeries here. Ask anything you can think of.  


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Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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Welcome to our LW Board!!!!!  I learned everything I needed to know from our LW posters. 

I had myRNY almost 8 years ago and I have no regrets!!   If you are a sweet and fatty food lover the RNY is perfect for that because it forces you to cut back on those things.


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