Miles and Menus November 27, 2016

Price S.
on 11/27/16 2:44 pm - Mills River, NC

No miles for me today.  The smoke from the wild fires made the air quality impossible to do anything outside.  We are suppose to get rain on Monday night so lets hope it really happens.

decaf protein coffee  33g
eggbeaters, ham, cheese, kale
lemon tea protein 13g
1/4 chicken breast w/ marinara & cheese
lemon tea protein 13g
grapefruit, brunswieger
fish, salad
protein shake  25g

    LW-Apple-Gold-Small.jpg image by PlicketyCat  66 yrs young, 4'11"  hw  220, goal 120 met at 12 months, cw 129 learning Maintainance

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