The battle continues!

on 11/6/17 11:31 am - Eastlake, OH

Good afternoon LW's!

Just feeling excited and concerned at the same time.

I have been on track since the end of June, after having a 32 pound regain, I am excited to report that I have lost 20 pounds.

Now my whole adult life I have either been gaining or losing weight, never maintaining.

My bariatrician set a goal of 140 for me. I think I would be happy between 135-139, as I am only 5' 1.5"

I guess I just need to realize that I will need to keep journaling my food intake because it does make me more aware of what I am eating, and helps me stop grazing mindlessly.

Love my tool, glad it still works.

Grateful that it is possible to lose regain

Worried that I wont be successful maintaining.


SW 230 Preop 205 GW 130 LW 131 CW 135 Ht 5'1"

Roz !!!!
on 11/6/17 1:20 pm - Butler, PA

You are doing an Awesome job!!!!

Posting on here is what keeps me in line when it comes to eating. I think everyone has to be accountable to some one or something so they don't mindlessly eat. I know that sometimes I stop and think if I ate something and then several things pop up in my head that I just ate out of boredom.


God is walking with me every step of the way. Because of HIM this is possible!!

RNY 10/15/2008 9+ Years!!!
Height: 4' 11" HW: 203 SW: 197 CW: 119
on Maintenance

on 11/7/17 3:29 am - Eastlake, OH

Thanks Roz!

I know it's too easy especially when I am home and cooking to pop a few bites here and there, or stressed out and find my head in the pantry or refrigerator!

But that's ok, even though I have had a few days of poor choices, I have gotten back on track. I also make sure I journal it too.


SW 230 Preop 205 GW 130 LW 131 CW 135 Ht 5'1"

on 11/10/17 5:42 am - San Jose, CA

How did you lose 20 lbs. Can you share what your meals look like

on 11/15/17 6:54 am, edited 11/14/17 10:54 pm - Eastlake, OH

I seriously got back on track in June.

I always start my day with a protein coffee, hate eating breakfast first thing, so I start my day with 27grams of protein, coffee and half and half

a few hours later I may have a hard boiled egg with a breakfast sausage patty or piece or two of bacon.

Lunch is meat (left overs) or a pack tuna with a veggie or salad

S nuts, or a cheese stick wrapped in ham or turkey, or maybe a small serving of fruit

D meat and veggie

S sugar free jello, or greek yogurt

Try to stay low carb, try to keep my net carbs less than 50 grams a day

Lots of water, propel zero and crystal light

The biggest thing I have found is keeping my journal. Some days are low calorie and have had a few high calorie days too.

After 7 years, still working and trying to get this maintenance thing down pat!


SW 230 Preop 205 GW 130 LW 131 CW 135 Ht 5'1"

on 11/15/17 9:13 am - San Jose, CA

That is totally awesome. 7 years and you are doing excellent. I just started my daily log and I also find some days are low calorie and some have high. I am out 8 years post op(08/2009) and have regained a few. HW: 225 SW:205 GW:130 LW:115 CW:139 I went on a 5 day reset test to break the addictions of carbs and sugar. I did drop 10 lbs since then. (I was up to 149 and said NO WAY LOL) Now I am just trying to eat better. Back on my proteins, water and vitamins. My day consist of

Breakfast: 1 cup coffee with sf hazelnut, a green smoothie. Can't eat all my veggies in one sitting so I blend mines. ( I limit my fruits cause of the sugar) with 1 small apple and a handful of grapes, and my premier protein shake.

Lunch: Turkey and avocado Wrap. (2 thin slice of tomatoes, 5 round thin slices of cucumber 2 slice cheese 2 lettuce leaf, 4 slices of thin turkey and 1/2 avocado).

Snack: SF Popsicle or lightly salted Almonds

Dinner: Protein Shake (Premier)

You are correct with the food daily log. It helps to see where I'm overeating. I recently stopped eating all the bad carbs. like chips, crackers, candies, cakes and pies. I'm so glad my tool still works.

Thank you for responding. I was so happy to see that after you being 7 years out yourself there is still hope for me. Thanks again

on 11/11/17 3:16 pm
VSG on 02/25/15

Way to go on losing that 20 pounds! I am about the same stats as you, minus the .5 My current weight is 140. I remember when I first started losing I wanted to hit 140 so bad, then I told myself 120. Lol. I think if you know where you want to be then go for it. You may find you want to adjust once you are there whether that is less or more. Now that I am sitting at 40, after having been 128 (for a day but it counts, haha) I know that my ultimate goal is still 120.

I am with you on needing to track. When I track I do so much better. I think you will be okay maintaining. For me it is accidental. I bounce within the same 5-8 pounds weekly, that part is a bit of a struggle.

Anyways, way to go on kicking that regain weights' butt!

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Have stopped losing pounds but am losing inches! 


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