Seriously a slow loser...

on 2/13/18 8:21 am - Canada

I am not sure where exactly I fit in on these boards.

  1. I am a revision
  2. I started at 235.5lbs (at 5'0)

At my last appointment they called me a slow loser. I thought I was doing great. I have lost 68lbs - my surgery from band to bypass was in May 2017. My weight loss has definitely slowed down a lot.

I work out A LOT. I actually enjoy it. Working out is the easy part for me. I do cardio every morning at 5am and then in the evening I do some type of strength training, High intensity training (bootcamp style workouts)

I feel great other than I really want to lose another 30ish pounds. My measurements are the same as when I was 155lbs (so about 12lbs smaller than I am) which leads me to believe my years of working out and weight training have paid off.

I am so worried that I am done losing. I am approaching month 9 and just so discouraged.

I track everything and lately I am soooo hungry in between snacks and meals - I was trying to research what calories should look like at this time and everyone said something different (I was seeing a lot of 900 cals and I am closer to 1000) and AHHHHH.

Help meee....

also I saw this and was wondering how accurate it might be

by Carolyn M.

Two people, both 6 months post-op. One has lost only 63 pounds and feels bad about her "slow" weight loss. The other has lost 96 pounds and thinks she's doing great.

They are both wrong.

Person A had only 105 excess pounds, so she has already lost 60% of her excess weight. She is actually ahead of the game at 6 months out and is on track to lose it ALL.

Person B had 265 excess pounds. At 6 months out she has only lost 36% of her excess weight. At this rate, she will end up retaining 28% of her excess weight, enough to keep her in the obese category.

See what I mean? Don't compare pounds to pounds, that's like apples and oranges.

Percent of excess weight lost: pounds lost divided by total excess pounds
Use a BMI of 25 as a goal weight

On track to lose it all is 25% lost after 2 months, 50% after 6 months, and 80% at one year.

Please note: These are averages. Your mileage may vary.

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on 2/13/18 4:58 pm - VA

I wish I could get back to only eating around 1000 cal a day. You're doing great! Losing 68 pounds is nothing to sneeze at but I understand your frustration. I've heard that folks with revisions may have a little more difficulty getting the weight to come off as compared to a person whose only in the newby stage of a single WLS. It's like your body has been there, done that, and knows the tricks of how to keep the weight on. Max frustration for sure but beatable. I've seen some great results over the years here on OH. Just stay with it and don't stop. Your WL window should be 12 or so months, so keep at it!

Carolyn's post was trying to warn folks that have less pounds to lose overall to not be discouraged when they see someone with a lot more pounds to lose posting about losing 150 pounds in 6 months. That's not going to happen for us lightweights who only have to lose 100 pounds overall. We lose at similar rate as related to our weight, just not the same number of pounds as a heavier person.


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