Band removed looking at Bypass now

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on 5/20/18 11:40 pm

Hi all, I had a band removed 6 months ago after having it for 6 years. I'm self pay and have been approved for RNY and now I'm talking myself out of it..

Current weight 194 pounds, Height 163cm, BMI 32.6

with band weight was 163 pounds

Starting weight same as now 194 pounds

I have PcOS which was controlled with the band and is now out of control again. Breakthrough bleeding, hair and blood hormone levels are high

I know from having the band in and out that it's not easy. The surgery, the constant protein shakes etc.. any thoughts? I'm so confused

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 5/21/18 5:04 am, edited 5/20/18 10:04 pm - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

I would recommend that you ask these questions on the RNY or revision forums. I know there are at least a few people who had a lapband converted to RNY who post there.

Just adding that very few people have "constant protein shakes". That is mostly in the early post-op days.

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on 5/21/18 10:48 am - Grain Valley, MO

I had RNY nearly 10 years ago so I don't know anything about revision. Your surgeon should be able to answer your questions.

As for the constant protein shakes, some patients to continue with shakes and some don't. My surgeon told me I would need protein supplements for the rest of my life because I wouldn't be able to eat enough protein daily.

I usually have a shake daily. There are many RTD shakes on the market now that taste really good. I wouldn't let the protein shake thing bother you.

Best wishes to you.


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Dr. John Price

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on 6/4/18 1:11 pm


I had a RNY + several other procedures, done many years ago, an open surgery. I was about 34. The surgeon found my PcOS and massive the time of surgery and My surgeon gave me relief from those for several years.. by removing as many of the cysts on both ovaries as possible...He removed my fibroids and bad gall bladder as well. I later told someone, laughingly, if he did not take it out he played with it.It was 10 surgical procedures in 4 hours..Before lap surgery was used commonly.

Do not despair over the PCOS, you too can get thru this in flying colors. I am not currently using protein shakes, I tolerate no soy, no milk, and no whey..( legumes and whey gives me gastritis) This is particular to the other extensive procedures done on intestines...I have a huge lack of all enzymes. All of these are managable with common enzymes available OTC, and avoidance when i do not use them. I use dessicated liver to keep my iron absorbtion up to normal,multi enzyme with probiotics, and lactase for small amounts of milk products.

I would ask the surgeon if he could address these issues as well. It has been done before.

You do know that if you have a daughter she may inherit your pcos. My daughter did. She had treatment with metformin for several years. It did help with her symptoms.

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on 6/4/18 1:14 pm

Hi Denise, thanks for your message. I will pm you as I am interested in your journey so we can discuss and need to clarify about the PcOS etc. Isn't that a gynaecologist that would need to sort that out? Did you have a multi disciplinary team?

on 6/4/18 1:36 pm

My surgeon has been retired a lot of years now.

I had one surgeon, and he was the surgeon who literally wrote the book on feeding people with IV solutions. His book on "TPN " is still used as textbook and reference for training surgeons and Interns today. He taught gastric surgey thru University of Tn in Memphis. He did have an assistant and was at the Obesity Wellness Center in Memphis in 1996. He WAS a multi-disciplinary team.

Choosing someone able to do the "whole job" instead of" part of the job" will be a challenge with todays peice-meal health care solutions.

Getting both things addressed at one time could be the Key for you.. I had no problems for almost 3 years/ after.. then began light spotting..every .6 months in normal flow. I had to have partial hysterectomy after 12 years of so... and again the gyn surgeon confirmed I had PCOS. I had told him i had it and he said i would not know unless had been tested... i told him it was confirmed visually and with lab reports by surgeon at time of bypass. He finally understood, and i broke the language barrier. very good Dr.

The good thing is if you are wanting to have a family it can give enough relief you can do that and pregnancy arrests the PCOS to some extent. So can get you healthy enough to have your family..if that is your goal. .

on 6/21/18 10:41 pm

OP: Obviously it is your decision, but I think you should strongly consider the RNY and not talk yourself out of it. If you don't go through with it, the odds are high that you may gain weight, which could lead to regret, and exacerbate your PCOS. Good luck.

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on 6/21/18 11:41 pm

Hiya, I'm self paying and my BMI is low at 31.6. I was banded at BMI 30. It's hard to find consultants willing to operate. I saw one consultant who agreed. Yesterday I met another. This consultant prescribed weight loss medication and said if that doesn't work then injections and thirdly if that doesn't work then he'd suggest another band.

I just want to go back to the way I was with the band. Able to eat and drink whatever but always maintaining my weight for 5 years able to fit into the same work clothes etc. I'm so confused. Of course I will try the tablets. My acid was also controlled with the band.

Mary F.
on 7/6/18 11:04 pm - East Windsor, NJ

I would highly suggest just about anything but re-banding. The band seems to have a lifespan of about 10 years for most people and most doctors won't even do them anymore because of the many complications. I had it and was extremely successful for 11 years until it slipped badly and had to come out in an emergency operation. Like you, I would just love to be back at my banded weight (around 105) and have restriction again, now I am back up to 148 pounds after it was removed 5 months ago.


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