help me choose lightweights?

on 6/3/18 11:41 am

Hi there I am curious to know as a lightweight , what surgery did you opt for and why? I am looking for some guidance. I have had the Realize band and was 216 at my highest weight in 2011. Now I am 193 and have managed to keep the weight off but never got down lower than 178 lbs .

I am thinking of getting the sleeve but I am trying to keep an open mind to the RNY because I want to be successful and maintain weight loss. I guess I really have some bias against getting the RNY but I know it works.. I guess I am scared I will lose too much weight with that procedure. Any thoughts?

on 6/4/18 1:17 pm

This is something you should be discussing with a surgeon who does the RNY..almost every surgeon has tweaks they can do to a surgery to modify its increase likelihood of loss or to minimize. I lost 145 lbs initially so not a light weight. When one gets to goal. you continue to monitor diet and protein and add a few carbs til you find the number that allows you to maintain that weight.. should something happen and gain is more than you want- then increase protein for several weeks while drastically liiting carbs. The RNY put syou in control. It is the closest procedure done today to what i had done. I have no opinion on the sleeve.

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Thanks for your input. This definitely gives me a better outlook on the procedure and yes I will be discussing this with my surgeon. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the response. You really did well losinn weight. I actually had never heard of the Sadi and I don't think my surgeon performs those but that will be something to keep in mind. I can tell you understand exactly what I was saying about being a lightweight but not wanting to deal with regain later. That is what I am most afraid of. I have the band now which is the reason for a second Surgey. I lost minimal weight with this procedure and wondering if I should do something other than just restrictive procedure again. Although I did not regain with the band I never got down past about a 30 lb lost so I am still well over my goal.

I really need something that is gonna give me the best shot at losing and keeping it off!

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on 6/12/18 12:17 pm - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with

Honestly, regain is real with any surgery. It's all in how you use your tool. I had RNY in September 2008. I weighed 208 at surgery. I got down to 121 (too low) bounced back to 127... stayed there a few years, regained 30 (around 2013-2014), lost 30 (in 2016), got back down to 125, stayed at 127 another year, now I'm sitting at 132, which is comfortable for me, but I'd love to see under 130 again.

I want you to be aware that with RNY you CAN and WILL have some regain. Our mantra is "lose as much as you can during your honeymoon phase because you will have some regain". Yes, there's a few that don't and have problems, but for the majority of us it's in our control if we do or don't.

I'm sure there are other variations of the surgery since I had mine. I haven't stayed up on them, so it would be good if you did as much research as you could about the different surgeries. You need to be vigilant with vitamins with RNY and DS. Not sure about VSG, but you probably should still supplement.

Good luck!

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Have you had an EGD to determine if you have acid reflux? A number of people with bands develop GERD and the best resolution of it is with RNY instead of VSG, DS, or SADI. You don't want to end up needing 3 WLS; band to VSG to RNY, which unfortunately is not an uncommon experience. Good luck with your decision.

on 7/11/18 1:05 pm
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As far as I know, basically losing TOO MUCH WEIGHT isn't an issue for the vast majority of light weights. I was 205 when I had my surgery, I had been dieting and working HARD on weight loss for a decade without significant success (lowest was into the high 160s). I opted for the RNY because I knew my body would fight it like crazy and I wanted to get the most effective tool I could.

My weight loss has been very easy - not as dramatic as some but I've never been as diligent as I really wanted to use the honeymoon period to build a sustainable food plan. I'm starting to see that my plan isn't the best - you should go full out on weight loss the first year at least. None the less I'm wearing size zero slacks and a size 2 suit coat today so I'm feeling generally successful! I've built regular exercise into my life, I'm eating whole foods, very healthy foods, and I'm getting in my vitamins.

I feel like all the hard work I did trying to diet the weight off has really paid off now that I have the RNY. I'm really good at weighing and logging my food. I don't assume that days when I eat almost nothing I'm going to be below my calorie goals so I always log... I feel like I'm more in tune with my body for all the work I did in the decade preceding my surgery.

Good luck!

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