VGS with BMI 35

on 8/14/18 3:09 pm - Bimingham, AL

So I'm looking at gastric sleeve and my weight is around 255-260 and my height is 6 ft 1/2 inch and i'm 50yo. Over the last 15 years my weight has been as high as 300lbs, and then as low as 240 (only after doing atkins stringently for 6 months). I work as a nurse so I wear scrubs which disguise my big belly which is where I carry most of my weight. People tell me that m y weight is fine, but i'm unhappy with the fact that I always seem to regain weight, and I'm scared of ending up like both of my parents---morbidly obese, diabetic, and crippling back pain. I'm fairly active with work and enjoy going to the gym and bicycling, but I can't get my weight below its current plateau for any length of time. I have no comorbidities---i'm not diabetic, no sleep apnea, etc, so this would be out of pocket. I am looking for folks who may have had this surgery with a BMI like mine, especially interested in those who might have gone to mexico.

on 8/14/18 9:03 pm
DS on 11/01/14
on 8/19/18 9:41 am

Have you considered RNY? Gastric bypass is a great procedure for lightweights. If you've ever had reflux than it is a better procedure than VSG. You don't want to have to revise from VSG to RNY if you develop GERD or it worsens post-sleeve gastrectomy. Cut once, not twice.

on 8/19/18 9:45 am

I recommend Dr. Esquerra at Mexicali Bariatric Center. Many OHers have had surgery there and are very happy with the experience and healthy.

on 10/2/18 6:37 am
VSG on 10/24/18

hello, my bmi fluctuates between 35.3 and 36.1 and I am scheduled for sleeve surgery this month. I am 51 and havent been able to budge the svale in the right direction for 3 years! I do have mild sleep apnea & a couple other commorbidities. If you can afford it, i say , why not? It could be just the tool you need.

I have heard many good outcomes with surgeries in Mexico, i think the key is getting a good medical tourism agency. Good luck to you

on 10/9/18 8:42 pm
VSG on 07/16/18

I had my VSG about 2.5 months ago . My BMI was 35 . I also had no comorbidities, so this was an out of pocket expense for me. I did this for myself . I was also told by everybody that my weight was fine and that I should not do this. I have lost about 44 pounds since the surgery . I feel so much better about myself now. I have had my ups and downs, but I still feel like this was the right decision for me.

good luck on your journey!

on 12/13/18 2:42 pm
David, It sounds like you and I had about the same body issues. I had a DS/BPD 8 years ago, I lost the weight and am maintaining at weight since 6 months after surgery. Results for WLS vary greatly as I have observed and people get upset when they have to work hard to maintain. My sleeve was about the size of a banana and it has stretched some to about 12-14 oz size. I indeed had co-morbs so I opted for the DS. And the BPD hooked up my pancreas separate from the common channel. Because my stomach was very large and the Small Intestine so long I absorbed every oz of food I ate and I ate a lot! Dr. Anthone the surgeon made the call on common channel and I must say it is perfect as I take in with regular eating habits everything I need in Vitamins and protein

DS/BPD 5/10/2010
Common channel: 250cm
BPD: 500cm
Total length before surgery: 755cm
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