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I've been on Obesity Help for awhile now but have been mainly inactive. I just saw your group and thought it fit me well to join since I really need all the support I can get.

My surgery was 9/11/2017 at 212 lbs, lowest weight 144, cw 162. I'm trying to lose 12 lbs by no later than July 1st.

I'm not a self motivating kind of person which works against me in these situations. Don't get me wrong, I try, but I lose steam quickly! The stamina and endurance for maintaining my enthusiasm is weak! That's why I need support!

In order to go gently on myself, I've planned on losing 1 lb a week ( you would think I could do that right?!) only if my body cooperates. I take several medications that cause weight gain and I'm postmenopausal, which all makes losing weight harder according to my surgeon. It's kind of disheartening but what can I do, I can't stop my medications or change them. My health is not in danger due to my current weight, but I have other medical conditions that require medication.

All that said, I exercise about 5 times a week already and log my food, so I don't think anything would change in that area. I just need to drink more water, and cut down more on my calories. I thought I never have to count calories again after surgery, but here I am!

God Willing, I can lose these 12 lbs.

I appreciate your support.

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