Post Iron Infusion Dizziness

Jennifer K.
on 4/28/21 10:02 am - Phoenix , AZ

Question: Has anybody experience delayed side effects from iron infusion? Or any change in symptoms after having a transfusion?

Background: I had my first iron infusion 4/15 due to low ferritin. I have been struggling with this since August and have been under doctors care, she had me triple my oral iron with very little success. I had no side effects after the first iron infusion - I saw maybe a 10-15% improvement in how I was feeling and was still experiencing dizziness, lethargy and low energy levels. I had my 2nd infusion this past Thursday 4/22, no side effects at the time. With this infusion I am seeing a 50-60% improvement so far in dizziness, lethargy and energy levels.

Last night I wa**** with extreme dizziness, I laid down and went to bed. Slept fine, felt fine when I woke up and when I went to get out of bed I felt like I was drunk. I was very dizzy, uncoordinated and foggy. Best I can equate it to is if you stayed up late drinking and woke up and was still under the influence. I called and spoke with the on-call Dr and he said this would be a very delayed response to the iron and felt its something else, referring me back to my PCP. I am currently awaiting a call back from my primary. Ive been awake for 5 hours now and most of the symptoms have subsided but I still feel "weird" and "off", again kind of like when you are hungover and your equilibrium is off and have brain fog.

TIA for any feedback.

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