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can i take both multi-vitamins at same time?? i take 2 flinstone complete chewables a day as per docs orders...its hard for me to get all of my (4) calciums in a day cuz i have to take them at least 4 hrs apart from my i figure if i take both multis in morn, i could focus on my calciums the rest of day and get last one in a bed time instead of multi...theres not enuff hrs in my day to seperate the vitamins properly....thanku friends!!and also does anyone know when i can start taking normal multis (not childrens chewables) that i can swallow, im sick of the nasty tasting kids vitamins, its funny when i was little i loved them, now they are yucky sure the taste has changed over the yrs....oh i am 6 mths out on feb. 25th....
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on 11/18/14 1:03 pm - Cincinnati, OH

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I realize it is over four years old, but if you are still taking Flinstones....get off them. It takes years for deficiencies to show up and down the road you are gonna have problems. As for the calcium, too many are now having problems with long term bone health because they are not taking calcium citrate and not taking enough dosage. There are plenty of hours in a day to get it all in.

Jennifer G.
on 3/21/15 8:25 pm

I know this is an old message and all. I was just wondering why you were taking four calcium pills? I'm currently four months post opp.  And I was told to take two multi vitamins and two calcium pills as well. And as for staying on the chewable I was allowed off as soon as I started having solid foods again. 


I'm also wondering how your doing now with everything after the surgery? 

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My doctor told me that the flintstones vitamins should never be perscribed as they are not nearly enough. I am not sure about this statement but I personally followed it. let me give you the name of someone that canpoint you in the right direction.

Hope that helps. I was able to take full size pills at 4 wks out but we are all different!
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