I Renamed My Blog. Please Check it Out

on 3/28/11 3:23 am - Waterbury Center, VT
So I decided I would rename my blog to a title that is more reflective to where I am in my own journey of recovery. So I changed the title of my blog for Healing From Obesity: A Blog for All to Eat, Write, Move, Cook: How I recovered from Obesity. Please check it out and sign up to follow me if you like.

I will be offering book reviews on useful books I read during my recovery. Recpies and cooking tips. Talking about how to keep moving for fitness and sharing some of my writing.

Hope you will stop by!






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Carrie S.
on 5/28/11 2:13 am - Asheville, NC
 Do you have a link to it?  For some reason I can't access your profile page....which is where the links are usually listed.
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