Does anyone still use this forum?

on 9/1/14 11:23 am - Lisle, IL
VSG on 09/09/14 with

I am having VSG in 8 days and my hubby is looking for a support group for the spouses.  I found this one, but I see it's been a long time since anyone has posted on here.  Is this still being used?  Are there other support groups he can look in to?  Please help.


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on 10/29/14 1:28 pm
RNY on 10/27/14

Where are you located?  Maybe there's a local support group for him?

My Dh came with me to the local support group and has been helpful in reassuring me what is "nromal" and what solutions others have used.  

Good luck!

on 11/2/14 3:55 am

I'm a new member to this forum, this is my first post.  My wife is having a RNY Dec 2nd, and I am looking for some support and info, what someone else in a similar situation is going through.  I really hope that this forum can become a more active place.  

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