Bypass for teenage daughter

on 11/13/14 1:56 am

My daughter is 17 and severely overweight. She has major joint and back problems. Our insurance will not pay until she is 18, which will be after she begins college. She was hoping to have surgery over the holidays or beginning of the year so that she can recover while she is home with Dad and I and begin her journey here with our support. The insurance kind of strung us along that even though there is a minimum age of 18 that they might consider her case. So we've been going to a doctor and going through all the requirements and training and now that we have completed everything and ready to schedule the insurance is now balking and saying no. My daughter is devastated and a year is a long time to wait when you are in physical pain and being bullied. So, we are now considering the option of having a gastric bypass in Mexico. Dad and I are scared because if she does have a complication she is out of the country (we will be with her) and then if she gets back home and has a complication our insurance may or may not pay. I am going to have lots of questions, but what I want to know initially is has anybody had a gastric bypass RNY in Mexico and what has been your experience. Are there any particular doctors who have a lot of experience with RNY and who are they? I am having surgery in January so she can piggy back off what I learn through the process but I guess my concern is just how safe is it to have a bypass in Mexico. Any advice and tips are appreciated!

on 11/15/14 11:44 am

Have you checked the Mexico forum?  Lots of postings there about people having traveled to MX.  I, myself, am traveling over Thanksgiving weekend to Tijuana to have gastric sleeve by Dr. Juan Lopez Corvala.  I don't have much to tell you because I haven't went yet - but the Mexico forum has alot of postings about it.   

on 11/20/14 9:50 am
VSG with

Have you considered the VSG?    I had my surgery in Mexico and  had a very good experience, it is just a matter of choosing a good doctor and a good hospital to  take good care of her. 


on 8/17/15 11:10 pm - Grand Rapids , MI
VSG on 08/12/15

I'm Mexican and would not take my teen daughter to Mexico for surgery I just had the vertical sleeve and honestly in two weeks she could be ready for school i would have her surgery local that way she has good after care ect it's not a cure it's a tool and she will be needing follow-up care if she goes to mexico she may have problems finding a doctor for her after care and a primary care doctor wont cut it. But that's just my opinion. Your better off doing it on Christmas break or thanks giving it's a keyhole surgery so healing is faster she will be miserable the first two weeks but then shell be rareing to go.

Elia Maria Saenz

on 1/16/16 1:53 pm - Madison, TN

My doctor said the RNY would last at least 25 years, the sleeve may not.  I would not do Mexico due to possible complications.  I am sure she is suffering and my heart goes out to her.  Good Luck to you and whatever you choose. Your family is in my prayers.

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