Community Goals

Reach my ideal weight, then maintain it for the rest of my life.

I want to do this


Try to stay active physically and mentally and create new healthy habits. Try to stay active in the online support groups.


Remind myself why I had the surgery and that the habits that got me to my highest weight of 321 pounds will not get me to my goal weight of 150 pounds. I am worth eating healthy everyday. I am worthy of exercising my body. I am worthy of a healthy life.


I attend support group monthly. Share my story with others. Pan meals and exercise regularly. Devote time to myself weekly. Admit and seek help when I am in need. Allow myself some grace, but not allowing myself to "let it all go" either.


My goal would have been 160, but they want me at 155. I think 5 more pounds should be doable.


By my 41st birthday!


I has my surgery 21 months ago and I have reached a goal that I was ok with but tI have since gained


i feel this is a good weight range for me. my national ideal weight is 130lbs for my height but no!


Just getting started, but a start is a start and I'm headed in the right direction!


Can't ask for more. This #2 after approval for surgery.


I have gained and lost a football team in my lifetime. I want to keep the weight off forever!


I want to be at 130lbs and stay there, but i keep gaing 3/4lbs then i lose it to just gain it back.