Community Goals

get plastic surgery done to remove the excess skin now

I want to do this


See my plastic surgeon for a consult Exercise


in need of body lift surgery, need funds.

R. Hawkins

I need to find a doctor to accept medicare and medicaid insurance.


I want to have the excess skin removed from my body.


My goal is to have my excess skin removed,I have lost over 200 pounds and have a lot of skin hanging


Looking asap for help its depressing looking at it

Yvonne Jennings

I have got to get this done...I need someone to help me get it approved through Medicaid ASAP!


Id love to get several areas done!!!DEFINITLY BEFORE I GET MARRIED!


I have started the process, but must get over the last surgery first.


I hope to have this done before 2010 rolls in but not sure if that is possible


I went to a plastic surgeron in San Fran, ca and He wanted a new lexus out of me,cost $37,000.00 omg


I've lost over 100 lbs and have a lot of excess skin. My goal is to save money to pay for surgery.


I want my arms done the most, and maybe some liposuction on my hips, legs, stomach in Canada.


Having my reconstructive surgery May 28! With Barix in Ypsilanti

Jess B

My doctor says that with all the excess skin removed that I would be exactky where I want to be.


I have had breast augmentation, the tummy tuck and the brachioplasty. The lower lift January 2008.