Community Goals

To get below 200 pounds

I want to do this


I am trying to increase my step count every day and I am sticking to my diet. Of course I am still on pureed foods, so that makes it a little easier.

Bruce S.

By losing this this weight I will be lighter than I ever have been my whole adult life.


When I reach this goal, it will be time to start talking about getting rid of excess skin.


I have lost 97 pounds. Now I want to work toward getting below 200 pounds. I currently weigh 267.


my goal is to be under 200 lbs by Feb. 2011


I'm so close - 203 this am.


No scale at home - last weight was 250 on Jan. 2nd.


After the 300lb mark the 200lb is in the sights. goal of 180.


i have not been under 200 since before my teenage years!

Nicole T.

I am 35 lbs away from my goal as of 12/30/08. Wish me luck.


40 pounds to loose to achieve this.. havent seen the 100's in a few years