Community Goals

To run a marathon!

I want to do this


By choosing to run a marathon that will raise money to help people.

Dawn ..

I waljed a 5K in May before VSG, but I want to run this time!


I am going to pass the fire fighter test again!


I have never run in a marathon.

Kimberly Brennan

I will be running the Philadelphia Marathon Nov. 18th 2012 for TEAM SADEK as the sponsor.


I would love to run the marathon at Disneyland.


I have always wanted to run a marathon! I have two sisters that have run multiple marathons!


I hope to run the Music City Marathon in 2011! Then onto many more!!

Athena T.

I want to do this by Mar 2012


I plan to do the rock n roll half marathon with a run/walk by this coming september! Shamrock nxt yr


I always wanted to be able to run a 3k marathon.