Community Goals

Reach My Goal Weight By My 1 Year Anniversary

I want to do this


I plan on staying away from sweets, high fat, high carb food. I plan on sticking with my exercise plan.


I am going to seek the support of other like minded people, establish a healthy exercise program and follow a sensible diet.

Tyler G.

-Follow my nutrition plans as close as possible -Maintain an active lifestyle -Reach out to my wellness team for guidance when I need it -Participate in a community of people also working toward their goals -Be transparent about my experience


Stay active and eat healthy


Reduction in pain Support group Reaching out to friends Reading


Keep following the plan and getting extra exercise.


I keep motivated by the changes I see in me day by day. I'm learning a new way of thinking, doing, living. My quality of life is improving. I'm surrounded by people who support me! My goal weight is 115 lbs.


I have 2 1/2 months to do this. I need to lose about 20lbs to get down to 150-155


I have 5# to go!! And anniversary date is June 18th. I CAN DO IT!!!


my goal nto to be 140 lbs


i got a VSG a week ago, and i'm 5kgs down and not hungry.. 30% of stomach removed only.


Getting to my goal weight on my 1 yr anniversary....


Lose 100lbs by 1 year surgery anniversary


Reach my goal weight!!! (already passed my 1 Year anniversary)


I doubt I will complete this because I am almost one year now and still 3 pounds from it.

shawn R.

I am at 245 now, and have surgery in less than a month. I would like to get down to 145

Amanda R.

My goal weight is 175.


I would like to reach goal weight before my one year anniversary if possible

Christina D.

I am waiting to drop under 200 lbs, then 180, at 160 I will be elated. I just want to be healthy.