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Saturday Morning Chit Chat

posted 12/10/10 8:59 pm
Good Morning Lean and Fit
Christmas is fastly approaching  > we are all very busy, but don't forget your regimen Take your vitamins, get that protein in, drink water and don't forget to exercise.

Today's Schedule

Brkfst : Turkey sausage  pattie/egg white/bowl of fruit/water

Lunch:Bowl of Gumbo Soup 6 Low Sodium Crackers/Grapes/Water

Dinner: Salisbury Steak/Mixed vegetables/sliced tomatoes/Peach Tea(Maybe Jello)
  I drink bottles of water between my meals to get the water in.

I'm finishing inputting my grades into the computer , next Friday is the last day of school
Will clean my living room I'm expecting company for dinner tomorrow after church
Chat with you next Saturday

Have a Blessed week.

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