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on 7/29/11 11:03 am - Humble, TX
Topic: All Pro Days
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 For the Month of September we are looking for super good Protein Shakes and high Protein meals .

   Please send some of   your super good  recipes.
on 7/25/11 9:26 am - Humble, TX
Topic: Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass
One of my group mebers has begin to gain weight after her Gastric bypas. She is wanting to know can she have something else done to stop the weight gain? If any one knows bout  something  please post it
on 12/28/10 12:03 pm - Humble, TX
Topic: Holiday Survival
Now that Christmas is over we can get back to normal. I know that portion control was somewhat hard but we made it. One thing I can say  my pouch only allows me to eat that certain amount. I could only eat the same amount I had been eating before the holidays. Thanks   my pouch kept me in control.

on 11/28/10 10:46 am - Humble, TX
Topic: Back to Normal
Lean and Fit Group Members

Well Thanksgiving is over and  we are back to normal. Please continue to stay on your regular  regime to maintain your weigh loss.It is approximately 4 weeks before Christmas. So
therefore we got to bump up the volume(get to moving  with exercise) so we can stay Lean and Fit.
Let's stay fueled up with our liquids and get that  protein in. 

Cynthia Abram
Support Group Leader
on 11/13/10 9:04 am - Humble, TX
Topic: Oh Houston Conference
The Houston conference was awesome. I met people  from all over the U.S. There was so much meaningful information given from experience weight loss patients, doctors, dieticians, counselors. The vendors also gave samples and trial  products. Everyone was so nice and caring.