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  Our group is about supporting anyone who has weight issues, who needs support or wants to support someone regarding weight loss surgery.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  We work to educate both pre-ops and post-ops, and those just doing research or wanting information.  We take pictures every month, as it is very important, as you can not always see your weight loss unless you see yourself in pictures.  We provide tons of literature, restaurant cards, information on the approval process, what to expect in the hospital, and most importantly, what to expect after surgery.  We educate and help you stay healthy after surgery, learn how to get to your goal weight, vitamins and nutrients, emotional wellbeing (exchanging obsessions, dealing with the emotional changes, etc.).  There are many aspects of this surgery that are not addressed otherwise.  We offer these things with our support group.  We always have a great time at the meetings.  They are very casual and we promise you'll enjoy yourself, as we all have been there and you will not meet a stranger, but new friends.  Come join us and see!  As a bonus, being Certified ObesityHelp Support Group Leaders, ObesityHelp provides our members with free ObesityHelp magazines!  You do not have to purchase your subscription if you are a member of our group and attend the meetings.  You can get your copy when you attend the meeting!!! 
Thank you ObesityHelp!!!!!!!

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Hey group

I'm new here. And I have my bariatric surgery scheduled for jan 21 2020. I'm excited and nervous. I'm doing the roux on y.

I've been on optifast since jan 1st. I'm so tired I'm breaking out on my face big time from

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