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I am Lisa Brown and I had Gastric Bypass RNY on August 21. 2001.  It literally saved my life. I was told I would be dead in 5 years.  I have added at least 20 years to my life and am healthy and passed that now!!!!  We do this support group to give back and help others.

I have a website that has my story, journals, pictures, other information, weight stats, support meeting information, and some family stuff on it too if you'd like to check it out:

You are welcome to email me anytime at mailto:[email protected]

My Co-Leader, Kevin Bentz, had surgery June 19, 2001.   He has lost 200 lbs. and is looking forward to reconstructive surgery in the near future.  This will complete his journey!

ObesityHelp played a big role in my decision to have this surgery.  It is because of them that I had a resource to do research, found a chatroom to watch people talk about the surgery and I learned things, when I was too shy to talk to others, but then I met many wonderful people later who became lifetime friends, and ObesityHelp has become a part of my life that will forever be a backbone of my WLS life of support to others.  There is no support without  It all started with them.  So thank you for that.

Lisa has been doing support groups since 2002.  Kevin has been doing support groups since 2005.  We have both been doing them with long before that in the chat room.  We both obtained certifications as leaders in 2007.

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