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Daily Maintenance Weigh In - Tuesday, Dec07/10

Maintaining Cindy
on 12/6/10 2:46 pm, edited 12/6/10 9:33 pm
VSG on 06/12/09 with
Daily Maintenance Weigh In - Tuesday, Dec07/10 

Surgery Date - June 12/09
Highest Weight - 230 lbs
Surgery Weight - 230 lbs
Total Amount Lost - 88 lbs
Goal Range - 140 lbs - 145 lbs
Yesterday's Weight - 145 lbs
Today's Weight - 144 lbs
Gain/Loss -  -1 lbs 

Random Thoughts:  
-  Too many to get into here...


on 12/6/10 9:29 pm
VSG on 12/14/09 with
Surgery Date -December 14, 2009
Highest Weight -
299 lbs
Surgery Weight - 283 lbs

Total Amount Lost - 110 lbs
Goal Range - 165 lbs - 175 lbs
Yesterday's Weight - 190 lbs
Today's Weight - 190 lbs
Gain/Loss -  0 lbs 

RANDOM THOUGHTS:  I am not focusing on LOSING.  I'm at a reasonably comfortable size and, although I thnk about eating and losing almost every second of the day, my actions are not as focused.  I still track my daily intake, and I'm doing relatively ok in all departments.  That said, I'm SUPER CARB SENSITIVE as so many of us are, and eating even 50 carbs daily is preventing me from losing.  I REALLY want this 20 pounds off.  I have a plan this week, and I'm sticking to it.  Two protein drinks daily, chicken broth, string cheese, turkey........LEAN PROTEIN.....that's it.......

on 12/6/10 10:57 pm - TX
                                  Goal in EIGHT months!
         Highest/Surgery Weight 248 Goal Weight 165 Current Weight 165-175
                           Starting BMI 33.7 Current BMI 22.1
             I'm 42 years young, my height is 6' and I've had no plastics!
                                          I  my sleeve!!!
diane S.
on 12/7/10 1:13 am
128 today.  d

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on 12/7/10 1:46 am
Surgery Date - June 16/08
Highest Weight - 210 lbs
Surgery Weight - 206 lbs
Total Amount Lost - 93 lbs
Goal Range - 115 lbs - 118 lbs
Yesterday's Weight - ??
Today's Weight - 119.4 lbs
Gain/Loss -  -?

Well, I just got back from vacation!  We had a wonderful time, and I only gained .5 from my weigh on last Thursday morning!  I hope it's pretty much water weight :)
on 12/7/10 5:53 am
VSG on 09/01/08 with
Today I passed up my favorite favorite PayDay candy bar for a Protein Shake.  Yea Me!!!!

Goal Wt.     128 lbs.
Today Wt.   138 lbs.

Work in progress to get back to goal.
                  5'1"  Age 62   Goal weight between 128 - 135  
mini_me_ now
on 12/7/10 6:00 am
well im back down to 137.   I want to see if my body will let me go back down to 136 i only was able to stay there one day then bounced in and out  from 137 to 136 for about three weeks before thanks giving
Linda     5".4

6lbs under goal weight
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on 12/7/10 7:13 am
I am really freaking out. I was 136 yesterday and thought I was finally starting to lose the 8 lbs I gained. Yesterday I had a salad and 2 protien shakes, and today I up to 138 again. It makes no sense!

band 12-29-06     revision  to sleeve  Alberto Aceves  4-29-09

                                       I love my sleeve!!

                               Lost 107 lbs and maintaining

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mini_me_ now
on 12/7/10 11:27 am
maybe your not eating enough so your body is grabbing all fluids and retaining??   how are your clothes fitting?

try upping your fluids
Linda     5".4

6lbs under goal weight
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