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One Year Appointment w/Dr. C

on 12/11/10 10:12 pm, edited 12/12/10 4:31 am

Had my one year (14 months) Appointment with Dr. Cirangle..........

Best Dr. Appointment I ever had!

He was "Thrilled" with my weight loss.... I weighed in at 157lbs. !!!!!

As many of you know I've been going through revision after revision.....180-175-170-165-160

Looks like I'm gonna settle in at 155lbs.

As far as weight goes.... He says I'm right there.... right at 100% loss of excess weight.

He now wants me to "Hold" this weight for a year. (I guess it's my new short term goal)

I also met with Amy the nut the day before..... She wants me to start adding more veggie and fiber to the mix. (I also told her and sent her a link to this group....she showed interest in it)

When I asked him about any changes/tips for maintenance...... I didn't get the response I was looking for........

He said (Dr.C's words...not mine!): "Just keep doing what your doing! Anyone who can lose this kind of weight in this time frame and have perfect labs.....knows what there doing."
He also said...."You have been perfect..... I don't want to mess with perfection..stay vigilant"

I'm like......Okie Dokie.......Thinking I'm so far from perfect.... Dude just put all the pressure back on me! He must trust me?

He than said (after some other chit chat..... If you need me... you know how to get a hold of me.... otherwise see me in 3 months.

So..... needless to say.... I'm thrilled with my results and my surgeon !!!!!

All my life I've been going to see a Doctor and they were always telling me to lose weight......


Note: For you self payers that have to pay for your labs. The one year lab panel is huge..... Quest wanted $2500 including a couple more tests for my cardio doc. With there cash discount it would been about $1600
OH member "goodlife" works for a company call "Direct Labs" www.directlabs.com She was able to get me a great deal..... I won't give the exact number..... Lets just say it was less than a thousand. The tests are done by Labcorp.

SW 338lbs. GW 175lbs. Goal in 11 months. CW 148lbs. WL 190lbs.

          " To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art "

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on 12/11/10 10:32 pm - New York, NY
Congrats!!! You've achieved a major accomplishment. Make sure you celebrate accordingly.

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on 12/12/10 1:13 am - Riverside, CA
Amazing!  Congrats!  How come no pics on your profile?
Mimi N. Y.
on 12/12/10 2:13 am - New York, NY

Wow Frisco, big time kudos my brother!!!!
sleeve genie
on 12/12/10 2:44 am - Alhambra, CA
Congratulations,  you have done so well, very inspirational, :o) jeani
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diane S.
on 12/12/10 3:03 am
Hey Frisco, these are awesome results. And isn't it nice to get positive feedback from doc? Makes you feel like all these years struggling with weight it wasn't entirely your fault or because you were a bad person but because you didn't have the right advice and treatment.

Is the Direct Labs place just a bay area thing or could I send stuff infrom out of town?. I too have the one year coming up which will actually be about 14 months in January and due to high deductable i will be paying out of pocket for all this. So i am interested in whatever deal is available but i live 280 miles away from SF. Will check out the web site for direct labs.

But you are now the poster child for outstanding success with the vsg. And you have become quite the cook and food stylist in the process. Everyone in this group knows the magnitude of what you have achieved and that it needs to be celebrated. 100% excess weight loss in the amount that you had to lose is a very very special accomplishment and we all salute you! If you get any skinnier you are going to have to go buy those jeans in the kids department!  Congrats. Diane

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on 12/12/10 4:30 am, edited 12/12/10 4:33 am
Hi Diane,

Thanks much.....

Try this link:


Lapcorp is national.

What I did:

- Contact OH member "goodlife" 

- Send her your blood orders from Dr. C 

- Open an online account with direct labs

- She has someone from direct labs send you a quote.

- You pay direct labs.

- You go to any Labcorp office to get your blood taken.

- About a week later you get your results at your private online direct labs account.

- I than forwarded my results to Dr. C and my cardio doc.

Was pretty easy and the cost savings are amazing......

Hope this helps!

By the way.... OH member goodlife is great!


SW 338lbs. GW 175lbs. Goal in 11 months. CW 148lbs. WL 190lbs.

          " To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art "

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                                           CAFE FRISCO at LapSF.com

                                                      Dr. Paul Cirangle

diane S.
on 12/12/10 9:53 am
Thanks for this info Frisco. The nearest Labcorp is 150 miles from here but it would still be worth the trip  for the savings since my friggin deductable is so high. I am essentially self employed too (hubby and i have business and a group health plan of two) but its still terribly expensive. I have a friend who is a tech at a local hospital lab in our small town and will check with her on costs, but i bet your arrangement is better. will contact goodlife.  and i am hoping if results are good that dr. c won't make me do them every single year. 

And may i say again that your sucess is outstanding. Doesn't it feel just so good! Diane

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on 12/12/10 3:15 am - CA
Awesome, Frisco!!!


Starting BMI-38.5, Surgery 08/14/07

on 12/12/10 3:57 am - New Braunfels, TX
Great news Frisco!  Thanks for posting and congratulations!


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