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What do you think of a VSG Scholarship?

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on 12/11/10 7:00 pm
Guys, I know we all have charity causes that we work with separately, but I've been thinking about something and want to bounce it off you...

Would it make sense for us to figure out a way (proper transparency/support/leadership) to sponsor a scholarship for VSG surgery candidates in financial need?

Maybe the donation goes towards the actual surgery? Maybe its towards protein supplements/drinks for those first 6 weeks or whatever?

I don't have all the answers just pondering out loud. I'll be out of pocket for a few days but am interested to hear your thoughts/ideas/suggestions.

If it sounds like we have enough people that are interested in making this happen we can get to work on putting a plan into action.

on 12/12/10 11:22 am, edited 12/12/10 12:48 pm - Northern, CA
Check out http://wlsfa.org/

There's no sense in duplicating their work IMO. There's power in numbers and in pooling our resources.

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