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Wednesday November 13, 2019

on 11/13/19 10:13 am - AR

It is a sad day today... I had to cut back on coffee. I guess it does not agree with my stomach while taking ibuprofen. One cup and all is ok.

Peps, your dogs are something to be proud of. Congratulations on the wins. And you look great.

Diane4dlm, I used to enjoy the cold. We are having a cold snap now. In the 20's last nite. And in the 40's next week. My favorite part was blowing snow. It is going to be cold in your house while they are changing out the windows. But it will be worth it.

Ann, Antarctica. You come up with the best ways to push living to the limits.

Liz, DS 2 lives in Lakeland, Florida. I think now would be a good time to visit. They say that the full moon thing is a myth but ask any nurse and they will tell you truth.

Shirl, how do you get so much done with an infected knee? You are so busy.

DD, when you find the fix for the draining feeling let me know the recipe for the fix.

Hello to everyone.

HW=362(6/14) SW=314(9/14) GW=195 CW=270 (1-26-2020)

on 11/13/19 12:40 pm
VSG on 06/26/17

Good Morning All - creeping in with a cup of tea after staying up till after 3am binge watching a series on Netflix after dinner. OOPS but it was nice having the house to myself. Just the puppies and I.

Lovely for you to start us off today Leap :) Good to hear your voice and sorry you have to cut back on the coffee. After my Sleeve I find I cant drink instant coffee now - tastes metallic but I do still enjoy a brewed coffee or latte - mostly when out! We are still drinking the coffee you sent as we save it for special. DH made a brew for DSD the other day when she visited.Tea on the other hand goes down way too well and I drink it by the bucketload :)

To answer your question, I just limp as I walk and take a range of painkillers. The Orth has me on 2 x Panadol Oesto (665mg tylendol per tablet) 3 times a day with 2x Ibuprofen twice daily for a week or so during flare ups - which are becoming almost constant now. But I also take Panadeine Forte on the nights when I think its bad enough for me not to sleep. I feel like I rattle and the longer it goes on the more I am resolved to sooner than later. I went to pick up and carry our grandson whilst out walking (hes around 28lbs) the other day and I was hobbling under his weight. I want to be an active Grandparent if at all possible. I try not were possible to let it limit me and Im thankful its something I can get fixed so feel blessed.

Popped to Costco after I collected DH Ute from getting new front tyres after work. Then picked up a pair of Gumboots for DH when he concretes at DSS on Saturday as all of his are at the farm. Had a delicious premade salad with chicken and fried noodles. It was huge and I have 2/3 left for today but expect I will be sharing the leftovers with the chickens. Least it doesnt go to waste. Have a drs apt today - need to get a Hep A booster and renewal the Orth Referral. Other than that it will be a quiet day for me.

Hello to all that follow :) I will pop back later


on 11/13/19 1:05 pm

I figure it's about damn time I posted something re: me and this delightful journey. I've been satisfied being a bit of a looky Lou and commenting on other's posts.

I had a great show weekend, but came home exhausted. Well worth the exhaustion though. I adored getting the rickrack in the mail from Ocean Diane. What a fantastic surprise and so absolutely perfect! This litter will have my first "silver" puppy. Hopefully, there will be a special puppy for the rainbow rickrack, too. I have a feeling that like purple, rainbow will have to have a puppy that comes out of the chute asking to be that color! (My first Airedale as an adult was the purple puppy of his litter and so in all the years I've been breeding I have only had two purple puppies. It's a very special color and I have to feel that the pup is a purple puppy at birth. So far, I have been correct. They have turned out to be just like their color namesake!

As for food and weight: It's pretty much the same. I love having GOAT for the dog shows. I eat so much more healthfully bringing along my own food. This weekend I had the show gang over on Saturday and Sunday for pot luck. We had sandwiches, sliced meats, salads, and only one person brought dessert. I was pleased by the healthy choices we had. I also ate decent breakfasts, which was a nice departure from tradition at a dog show.

My workouts continue to build. Last night I did 170 pound chest presses, but again, did them free weights, so 85 pound dumb bells in each hand. I'm pretty proud of that.

Sugar.... I know I SHOULD detox and be sugar free. I can feel it coming, I'm just avoiding it like the plague. I am digging in my heels and being a butthead about starting a detox. The reason? I DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT UP! My addictive self says that it's not fair I should have deny myself the pleasure of sugary things. I have given up so much already. My logical, healthy self says, "Without change there can be no change." The changes i need to make are related to what I consume. End. Of. Subject. Honestly, my exercise is there. My sleep hygiene is pretty damn spot on. What I am not dealing with is the non nutritional foods and the emotional motives behind using them on a daily basis. Sigh......

So there you go.... a lot more of the same. Just a different day. I'm okay with it all, just a little bored with myself in this area and feeling as if I have not much to offer on a day to day basis in the food, weight area.

Ann, I don't think I will ever get an Irish Wolfhound, but it's still on my list of dream dogs. I understand the many issues that come along with such a giant breed - especially the cardiac issues. Breaks my heart.

on 11/13/19 4:50 pm, edited 11/13/19 8:51 am
VSG on 08/14/14

She lived until almost 10, which is long-lived for an IW. And she was the sweetest, smartest, charmingest, lovingest doggy there ever was!

And she was a lapdog. She really loved to snuggle. On top of me. All 165 pounds of her.

I could go on and on.

Stop me.


An Irish Wolfhound had been my husband's dream dog since he was a boy. We got her right after my mother (who was living with us) broke her hip, and I figured I'd be distracted by getting her back up on her feet for some time and that while that was going on my hubby deserved to finally get his dream dog.

And then I'm the one who got to walk her around the property fence lines twice a day for a year and a half so she would learn where her territory's edges were. LOL!

She loved it out here in the country. It was the perfect place for her. Damn, that girl was fast! She could catch an armadillo and cru**** in one bite. If you've ever had to contend with armadillos, you realize what an amazing benefit that is.

OK, I'll shut up now. I loved my baby girl. Still do. Always will.

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on 11/13/19 8:24 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

I think we can have many dogs in our life, and love them all, but there is always that one dog, THE dog. Sounds like she was that dog for you. Mine was our Bella, she was my baby dog.

on 11/13/19 9:50 pm

10 is quite an old girl for an IW! I'm impressed. Good lines behind that dog. I have never had contact with an armadillo! Airedales, though, are quite handy dispatching raccoons!

on 11/13/19 1:53 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

"I'm feeling a little bored with myself", that sums up my viewpoint on these low energy days. But yet I can't seem to extract myself from the quagmire. Today was another intense day. When it was time to go home, I had to sit at my desk for a few minutes, gathering up the where withal to grab my things, and walk out of the building. Made it home. A nap may be in my future. Maybe I've let my sleep tank get too low ...

on 11/13/19 4:25 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

I just woke up from a 2 hour nap. Feeling better!

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 11/13/19 4:44 pm - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Brother and his partner are still here and BIL and his wife arrive tomorrow from Portland OR. Way too much activity for me, not to mention DH.

I cut DH's hair, did his nails and shaved him today so he is fairly presentable. But he is still rather agitated/anxious. That may still be the full moon or may be a precursor to going more downhill as is sometimes the case. But he has settled down from the birthday party. Now I'm wondering if BIL from Portland should just visit with DH at his place or take him out for a short meal. Hmmm...

Unreliable BIL finally showed up tonight after a week of repeatedly cancelling. But he told his sister he was coming not me. Maybe because I stopped replying to his cancellation messages. It annoys me that the staff there think he is so wonderful. Yes, when he wants to be.

I just got back from a family forum meeting at DH's place. It was quite nice. I did find out that DH is the youngest one there though there are a couple of other men around 70. The rest of the troupe went out to dinner and are arriving shortly. Hopefully not for a late night.

I hope you had a good Wednesday!

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!