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11/26/19, Tuesday

on 11/26/19 4:41 am - Hammondsport, NY
VSG on 05/27/15
  1. Within Range: one pound over
  2. General Wellbeing: 8.5
  3. 10,000+ Steps: 8799
  4. Fitness: walking between appointments
  5. Self-Care: not so much
  6. Fun: having Sadie and Atlas with us for 12+ hour jaunt

Sadie and Atlas traveled with us to DH's final gauntlet of pre-op appointments (knee replacement one week from today), 4 hours each there and back and four hours on site and they were once again consummate doggies ! The weather was in upper forties and they have LOTS of apace in back seat area of Ram Bighorn with seat up. Lots of walks ! Today, it is supposed to be 60 and the sun should make an appearance.

Peps, thanks for the family portrait ! I especially love the FB post of green cuddled on Ella's head ! I also appreciate your explanation of the time lapse between #1 and #2. That must have been soooo scary !!! Ann, glad to hear you've got great parks to walk ! Malls are great step sources too, in addition to the joy of window shopping. Diane, how wonderful that you have a Paradise fan ! I'm not surprised ! We are planning on turkey tomorrow and pizza Thursday as we travel to Syracuse for two days with my family for the weekend, and do not want to waste leftovers. Shirl, I believe I am your sole AM person partner !! I'm up between 4 & 5 daily, and wouldn't have it any other way. Miss Bonnie, may your teeth and mouth cooperate for the remainder of the decade, at least !! Leap, it sounds like some pain came with your big score, but what a great bunch of stuff ! Hope the fish oil continues to do the trick. BB, christening pictures were wonderful !! DD, your extended reunions sound like so much fun ! Hoping distance and storms don't interfere with your kid's travel plans ! Cecily, what are your TG plans ? Paula, how are wedding plans coming ?

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Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 11/26/19 6:33 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

I am up early, but mostly so I have alone time. I like as close to two hours of "my time" before I interact with anyone.

Ten healthy puppies! What could be better. I hope Ella is recovering well. A LOT of work for her.

Yesterdays trip to the Ringling Art Museum was good and we had lunch in St Armands circle in Sarasota.

Unfortunately it also involved a bit of an issue with DH, and I am waiting for call from the nurse at his facility now. DH was supposed to have a dental appointment on site for a cleaning, checkup and fluoride. His appointment was at 12:30 and a close friend went over at 12 to be there because DH doesn't understand much these days. Apparently they changed the schedule and tried to have him come earlier. He got very belligerent and refused to go. But why didn't they call me (our friend called when he got there and heard the story)???? I could have had our friend or my son go earlier. DH has been very agitated and antsy lately and doesn't understand much so I'm not terribly surprised it didn't work. They should know that too. The nurse left a message this morning that she needed to speak to me and I am sure it is about his agitation and belligerence. I am not opposed to asking the doctor for med changes, but I think they messed up in not calling yesterday.

Regardless, I also felt anxious and guilty last night and still do. Sigh...

Today will be low-key: shopping for ingredients to make an apple pie for Thanksgiving and probably sitting by the pool.

Have a turkey planning Tuesday.

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

on 11/26/19 6:51 am - AR

I am not much for conversation or any other noise in the morning. I used to drive 19 hours to work once a week. I would get up real early. No music, nothing but road noise. Now when I have been out or too much company I will tell DW I need a time out. Just 15 minutes of alone time will center me.

HW=362(6/14) SW=314(9/14) GW=195 CW=270 (1-26-2020)

on 11/26/19 7:01 am - AR

Diane4dlm, I thought hip surgery was up next for DH. I must have missed a post. Tell him the pain gets better it just takes a lot longer than you think. I am 3 months out.
I am getting ready to install the washer and finish the dryer circuit. Also installing an energy monitoring system when it arrives today. Average energy use is about 1000 kW per month. We have been using twice that. The Airstream is still plugged in but nothing is on but the fridge. I do have tablesaws and planers but we don't have stove or dishwasher right now so I need to find out where it is going.

seek peace do good


HW=362(6/14) SW=314(9/14) GW=195 CW=270 (1-26-2020)

on 11/26/19 10:07 am - Hammondsport, NY
VSG on 05/27/15

You are absolutely right ...it IS his hip. All of this knee talk just confused my fingers !ð?'?ð?'?

Age: 64; 5' 5"; High weight: 345; Start weight: 271 (01/05/15); Surgery weight: 218 (05/27/15); Pre-Op (-53); M 1 (-18); M 2 (-1.5); M 3 (-13.5 ); M 4 (-13); M 5 (- 8); M 6 (-12) M 7 (-5, Xmas); M 8 (- 9) Under surgeon's goal and REACHED HEALTHY BMI 12/07/15!! (Six months and one week.) AT GOAL month 8. Maintaining at goal range (139- 144) ~ four (4) years !!

on 11/26/19 10:40 am
VSG on 08/14/14

Yesterday's steps were 9,648 with 51 active minutes, says Fitbit. Walking the dogs in early morning is a very good part of our daily schedule. Yesterday's eating was quite healthy, although not in the lose-a-little weight band.

Snow is predicted here on Thanksgiving day, which is weird because the predicted low temp for that day is only 36.

But no matter ... because I'm having such a good time with DH's family, or the part of his family that I'll be able to see this week, since they don't all live here or are traveling to in-laws and elsewhere this holiday week or I just won't have time to see them all. The kids and grandkids are all doing quite well, which makes all us "old folks" happy. Ten of us had a great outing last night at a lovely restaurant, and everyone was in fine fettle. We took some fun family photographs, which I'm a little leery to post on FB for fear of irritating the other kids I simply don't have time to visit with this trip. Before DH and I were married, he had two other wives; those marriages ended due to divorce (Wife #1) and death (Wife #2). Those two marriages netted him eight kids and stepkids, and as he used to say, "I don't have a family tree--I have an orchard." It's true. And complicated. And confusing even to some of the kids.

Yesterday I bought the last of my Antarctica togs (some amazing gloves and socks, snow pants, and the last pair of long underwear). We walked the dogs this morning and will take it easy today, then join family members and their friends tonight at a local pub for Trivia Night. That will be fun. Tomorrow is baking desserts for Thanksgiving and visiting the local art museum, which is amazing. Midwesterners love good art!

Then Thanksgiving ... gobble, gobble! Than Friday I drive home.

Y'all be good. Y'all have fun. Let's all try to live as much as possible in our moments spent this week with loved ones. If you're driving, look out for idjits and be safe.

ANN 5'5", AGE 74, HW 235.6 (BMI 39.2), SW 216, GW 150, CW 132, BMI 22

POUNDS LOST: Pre-op -20, M1 -10, M2 -11, M3 -10, M4 -10, M5 -7, M6 -5, M7 -6, M8 -4, M9 -4,
NEXT 10 MOS. -12, TOTAL -100 LBS.

Cecily C.
on 11/26/19 1:24 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

My sense of seasons is all messed up! My Summer ran longer than expected, then I went down under where it's Spring heading into Summer missing Halloween, then back up top where it's suddenly Thanksgiving with Christmas fast approaching. I feel very seasonally discombobulated and not at all ready for any of it. But ready I shall become. I'm cooking for turkey day at my dad's in CA this year. It's my favorite meal of the year. They've done the shopping, I just have to brave the trafficky drive and whip it up. I have started to buy a few Christmas presents, but find my gift giving anxiety creeping in. I feel like I never but the right thing.

On the food front, I haven't been very good. I need to find my groove again.

on 11/26/19 3:35 pm


Taking a short (very) break from the kitchen ... Prepping today for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Big gathering. My sister's girls flew into the area (from California, Michigan, and New York to visit sister that lives in Arkansas. All are coming tomorrow for the traditional Owens' TGmeal. Along with our kids and Kurt's family...The last on the list for today are the French Silk pies and pressing the tablecloth and napkins. (A gift from my great aunt years ago- a wedding gift when she herself was married in 1914 and never used.) It is a fine linen damask that covers for 14 with formal dinner napkins. Only comes out on Thanksgiving and carefully inspected, treated and laundered the same day. It's good to be the favorite sometimes. I think of her each time I use it. That is why enjoy preparing the meal- it is like spending the day with my mother, making the family meal that was passed on to her from generations back. Not so far as the pilgrim times, but a long way indeed.

Wishing everyone a blessed and thankful day with those you love.

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on 11/26/19 6:18 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

Snowstorm moving towards us, I feel like a genius because I ordered grocery delivery yesterday, they arrived about an hour ago. Not much else going on here, I'm making up beds, putting out fresh towels, hoping there will be two offspring sleeping in the beds tomorrow night. We were already scheduled off for tomorrow, but other school districts that were having class have cancelled for tomorrow. DH started up the snowboard and it roared to life. We've got logs, wine, snacks, pumpkin pie from Costco, we're ready.