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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Liz WantsHealthForAll
on 12/5/19 3:53 am - Cape Cod, MA
VSG on 03/28/16

Good morning! This morning it is 32 degrees on Cape Cod, but it will be about 72 when I land in Florida.

I spent 7+ hours at DH's place yesterday - boy are those places hot and dry! I was guzzling water last night. The meeting with DH's doctor went well. He is going to try putting him back on a medication we stopped just prior to his change in behavior and possibly add another one to help him sleep at night as well as increase appetite. A NP in their practice who specializes in medications for the elderly is also going to assess and see if some other tweaking is needed after that. It is just exhausting to see how antsy he is and to deal with his pacing. We can't play Jenga or look at pictures at this point and he has been unable to go to the activities including the musical ones because he walks right out.

I had a great support group meeting last night, seeing many people I have grown close to over the last few years. We enjoyed the happy stories of people in early/moderate stages whose families are coping well and those of us in the later difficult times felt wonderful support. So heartbreaking though. One of DH's friends will be moving to his facility in the next few weeks. A couple of others have wives now on Hospice. One of my favorite super strong women (age 84) has been struggling with a sweet but non-functional DH for over 10 years. Now her bi-polar teenage granddaughter has given birth and may lose the baby to social services as she is off her meds. Marilyn would have taken that baby if she could but she can't.

Anyway I feel like I did all I could for DH while home and I think he is stable, so I feel good about going back to warmth and Justice for a week. I sure have missed my sweet doggie.

Below is a picture of the tree I put up and decorated over the last few days.

Have a thinking Thursday!

Liz 5'3" HW: 219 SW: 185 GW: 125 LW: 113 Desired maintenance range: 120-123 CW: 120 (after losing 20 lb. regain)!

on 12/5/19 10:07 am

Liz, i am so happy you are feeling more settled about DH and the group last night was supportive.

A friend recommended Royal Canin Starter Mousse (for lactating mothers and weaning babies). It is like Doggie Crack! Ella loves it. She's eaten two very good meals since I picked some up yesterday. I ordered 2 cases of it from Chewy.com this morning. Hope it's here tomorrow! Will save me a trip to the pet store, if it is.

Pups are doing okay, but still not gaining as I think they should. It's a bit worrisome, but I think with Ella's increase in eating the milk will flow more freely. I'm also going to have to rotate pups so the little ones can get nipple time without being bulldozed off the faucets by the bigger brutes!

Eating was a bit of a cluster F*ck yesterday. Only because I ate too much "good" stuff. My teaching partner and I made breakfast for the staff yesterday to celebrate December b'days. I made 3 delicious breakfast casseroles, and ate too much of the casserole throughout the morning. A little sugar in the form of chocolate in the afternoon at the staff meeting was all it took to set off a full on sugar/chocolate parade for the entire meeting. Luckily, once the meeting was over, I lost interest in the chocolate. Out of sight, out of mind?????

Have had two very good workouts this week. I have a sore shoulder that I'm working through. I was able to isolate the muscle fiber yesterday and worked it and it is feeling better today. Working it out sure is ouchy though!

I'm feeling the pull of getting Xmas set up in my house, but with the puppies and rearrangement of dog crates, etc... I'm not sure how much Ron wants to put up, so we'll have to discuss and plan.... Christmas Eve should be a hoot! We always host, but it's going to be a tad crowded this year! LOL!

Yes, a thoughtful, thinking Thursday is in order for me!

on 12/5/19 12:45 pm
VSG on 06/26/17

Good Morning All, Up early to take DH to the station again but I crawled back into bed for another hour or so's sleep - then didnt want to get up. Could have laid snoozing very easily......

Collected the new Freezer last night - Its HUGE! I will take pictures once we get it to the farm and installed. DS made us dinner again. I had helped him do the chopping etc before I left and he did the rest - It was ready to serve as we walked back in the door. Very proud of him. He has leftovers for his dinner tonight as DH and I are picking up another secondhand freezer for DSS & Family (Christmas Present) and dropping it over there. We will stay the night before heading up to the farm for 24 hours. 1 x Angus Steer being taken to the butcher Saturday evening- hence the freezer purchase

I have nearly finished my christmas shopping - bought a few things online last night. Just presents for my work collegues to go and Im stuck for ideas - Last year I did our chutney, relish and beetroot relish as gifts - it was well received but dont want it to seem like I have put no thought into it. HMMM First world problems of which I am sure I will sort out. Need to drag out the tree and decorations - thats on the agenda for next week. Liz yours looks beautiful

Peps - so glad that Ella is eating the new food. That will help to boost her :)

Well I had best go get organised. The cleaner arrive in less than an hour and Im still in my PJ's he he he

Have a wonderful day all :)


diane S.
on 12/5/19 4:19 pm

Greetings All

Brrr Liz, sounds cold there. Glad you had a lot to do inside though some of it sounds tough. Yep, they heat those places - I was always dying of thirst at my mom's place. Sorry you DH is so agitated and hope they can help calm him.. And glad you have good company in the support group.

Peps what a relief to find a good dog food. Eat up Ella! She is eating for 11!

Not much new here. I think the reality of my brother's illness is setting in for him. He is going to feel crappy for a long time and maybe forever. He is not used to sitting around but is going to have to.

Our friends had their roof blow off during the recent storm. It was a new roof done just a couple of years ago. The insurance inspector thinks the roofer didn't observe construction standards. I feel bad for them.

Shrimp tonight. Maybe with lime.

Cheers all. Diane S

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on 12/5/19 4:22 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

My heart is heavy tonight as I learned my Mom's cancer has returned yet again. She went through chemo last year at this time, and it shrunk the tumor so much that they couldn't do the follow up targeted radiation they had planned, there wasn't enough tumor left to aim at. Well there is now. It is growing rapidly, so she will start the radiation on Wednesday. Hopefully she will not have nausea as a side effect, they told her to expect fatigue. I cannot describe how indifferent I think her care has been over these last 8 years, and every time there's been a reluctance, or, what to me seemed a troubling treatment choice, I have offered/begged to let me take her to Mayo. She always says no. I offered again today. She says she's not up to it, so no. After radiation, the only treatment left is immunotherapy drugs, which they have yet to determine would be appropriate for her type of tumor. I am so fortune to be 58 years old and have both my patents still. I was joking with my husband, the flip side is I am getting old myself with a demanding job to contend with. I hope I can muster the energy to help my parents through this, and do what needs to be done.

Cecily C.
on 12/5/19 5:53 pm - CA
VSG on 02/22/17

Times like these I wish the "like" button had a different label. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom's cancer. It doesn't matter how old you are, it's still difficult to see our parents go through things like this. Sending you some extra strength and big hugs through the internet!

on 12/6/19 2:15 pm
VSG on 06/13/12

Thank you! Cancer sure does a number on all of us, the ones who suffer it, and the ones who love them.