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Greetings fellow sleevers and anyone interested in maintenance issues. This group is being created to provide additional support to vsg patients who are at or near goal and working on the lifelong project of maintaining. All are welcome to post including preops and other wls patients since maintenance is a concern for us all. Hope we can get some good discussions going with tips, stories, problems and support. Lets make this a fun group! Diane

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Group Created: Nov 8, 2010
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14 Hours Ago
  1. Within Range: NO ! 13 over !
  2. Blue SmartPoints: 21
  3. General Wellbeing: 6
  4. FSF: Washed dog beds and dog rugs at laundromat
  5. Yesterday?s Insights: I love clean. Start
2 Days Ago

Weight: 136.8
Veggies/Fruits: 11
Macronutrients: Cals - 1,342, Carbs - 142, Fats - 36, Protein - 94, Fiber - 34
Green SmartPoints: 25
Water: 1
Fitbit Recorded Sleep: 7?38?
Exercise: 85? yoga class (w

2 Days Ago

Weight 129, WW blue points 11. Heading down...

Yesterdays kayaking trip was great but somewhat exhausting. The last time I paddled was 2018 and that was a slow paddle in our pond at home with DH. My shoulders and upper back were all tight but

3 Days Ago

Weight 129.2, WW blue points 10. Lest you think I?m not eating, I have just shifted a lot of things to zero point foods (though I try not to overdo on them). My goal of staying under 130 this week achieved so far.

I finished my new patio tabl

4 Days Ago

Weight 129.6, WW blue points 15. My immediate goal this week is to stay under 130 every day. I'd love to lose a pound a week until I drop under 125, closer to 120 but I'm trying not to be over-anxious. I still benefit from feeling under control regardl

5 Days Ago
  1. Within Range: NO ! .6 over !
  2. Blue SmartPoints: 23 plus 12 Weeklies
  3. General Wellbeing: 8
  4. FSF: Valentines dinner out
  5. Yesterday?s Insights: Great lakes promote great squalls. My mother love
6 Days Ago

Weight 128.8, WW blue points 34. I did sneak back to WW lifetime by .2 yesterday. Not only do I not have to pay in the future, but they refunded last month as well so I only paid for one month! I?m okay with my weight now but am annoyed by some remai

1 Week Ago

Weight: 138.0
Veggies/Fruits: 6
Macronutrients: Cals - 1,368, Carbs - 180, Fats - 31, Protein - 99, Fiber - 38
Green SmartPoints: 27
Water: 1
Sleep: 5?15?
Exercise: 15? weightlifting and 10,285 step


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