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My BOTT Week

posted 1/9/09 11:43 pm
I did it!  I BOTTed all week long.  In large part, it was thanks to this group.  It is funny because I've wanted to do something BOTT for years since I've been with OH.  What is funny is that I knew it would benefit me but this group with all of us together has played a big, big part of me staying on track.  

This group is very special to me.  The interaction and relationships we're already building is unlike any online group I've ever been part of.  I post before I start working and then of an evening and on the weekends.  I look so forward to seeing what's up with everyone.  In other words, our BOTT has made a tremendous difference in my own BOTT path.  I question whether I would have done as well as I have this week without all of you.

I feel so much better physically and mentally being BOTT.  I'd gotten into the horrible holiday habits but it feels awesome to live and go through my days without food and sugar calling my name.

Even when I lost my weight after surgery, it was easy.  I was on the high of fitting into sizes I never remember being into except as a toddler!!!  I went from a 26 to a loose 4.  Now my current weight and size are actually more difficult in a way to maintain.  I can get into the thinking of "this little bit won't hurt" or other rationalizations.  I've relost my regained weight and it is easier to fall into "just this once" type of mindset.  As all of us know, that thinking and mindset can lead into days, weeks, months, years of being off track.  Since relosing my regained weight, I feel more confident than ever that I've (crossing my fingers) got the tools (including our BOTT) to veer off yet still stay on track.

Although I've had some kitchen callings of my name, I've stayed on track through distracting myself with things I enjoy and like to do.  For me, distractions are very helpful.  I've called a friend, I've checked into our BOTT group and read posts and interacted with all of you, I've played my favorite game on my Nintendo DS, or had a serious talk with myself and it has worked.  I don't know but since BOTT, I feel so different about being and staying on track.  I can't really describe the feeling but it is definitely there.

That's my feeling of gratitude and reflection of my week so I wanted to share with my BOTT friends.

Here's to all of us having a great BOTT week!


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