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Support Group Meeting!!
March 22, 2008 2:11 am

There is a support group meeting this Thursday evening!!  It will be at the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater.  The meeting is held in the Tuttle Auditorium which is across from the Cafeteria.  We will be holding the support group after Dr Gordon and Dr Gonzalvo's information sessions.  Nadine Pazder also holds a nutrition session before our meetings so if she is still talking come on in anyway.  She is open to questions and answers during our meetings as well.  The time will be 7:30pm till 8:30 or 9.  For this meeting there will be the new OH magazine for those of you who may need them as well as samples from a couple of different companies

If you have any questions ask away or drop me an email.  


Directions:  Alternate 19 to Jeffords (if you are coming south on alt 19 you will turn right, if you are coming north on alt 19 you will turn left).  Take Jeffords almost to the end.  On the left side you will see the entrance to the parking lot and the hospital.  Enter the hospital and you can ask the receptionists where to go or go past that desk, make a right in the first big hallway, walk past the first set of elevators and go up the little ramp and turn towards the left.  You will take the first elevators on your right and push the button that says “cafeteria”.  When you come off the elevators, follow the signs to the cafeteria which will be on your right.  If you look to the left before you get to the main entrance of the cafeteria you will see the Tuttle Auditorium we are in the first of the two portions of the auditorium. 

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