Finally got up the nerve

Sep 19, 2013

After many years thinking about WLS, and trying to lose on my own, I finally got up the nerve to discuss this with my family and my doctor.  I have been yo-yo-ing for almost 30 years!  Each time I lose, I gain it all and then some more.  When I got married, I weighed 206lbs, now I'm at 274lbs.

I am nervous about the whole process, but I'm more worried about my health and what my future will be if I don't get some of this weight off.

I know what I should eat and that I should exercise.  The logical side of me still doesn't understand why I cannot succeed at weight loss. 

I know that my journey will be long, but I feel that WLS will work for me.  It's great to read about other people's journeys.  It gives me hope.


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Sep 19, 2013
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