4 Week Post Op Update

Jan 01, 2013

Hard to believe that it has actually been 4 weeks since my surgery. It has been quite a journey thus far.

Christmas was not easy. We have a big family meal on Christmas Eve and another on Christmas Day. Since my recent hospitalization, I was weary of trying to start on the pureed foods. So I sat with all that food and my measly protein drink. Family felt like still putting down a plate and silverware for me, but that actually made it more difficult. As a gift, my niece, who married in April, gave each of us framed photo of our family from the wedding. Problem was that I was 200 lbs - which I am no longer and do not want to be reminded. It was a sweet thought though.

I have been walking every day and it has been difficult to walk as far and fast as I did before the surgery. Of course hurting my knee hasn't helped. Today I almost walked 6 miles, but it took me 2 1/2 hours to get that far. I feel stronger every day. Don't get me wrong. I still get tired. I am excited to go back to my gym on Weds. I know that I will have to take it easy, but I miss my friends and my coaches and want to get back on track with my fitness goals. I should try some crunches or sit-ups, but I am so scared of hurting myself. Silly, huh?

I have lost about 18 lbs since my surgery making a total of 48 lbs since I started my quest in July 24th. I now wear a size 12. Whoohoo! Cannot wait to see what it will be like when I make it to my 2 month anniversary.

Yesterday I got the best compliment from my Dad. He told me that he thought I looked great and to keep up the good work. My Dad was not 'on board' when I told him about the surgery and he does not give compliments. This was BIG.


Lesson Learned

Dec 20, 2012


Two weeks post-op, the protein shakes were giving me diarrhea and that was getting old. I was craving food.  I had tried some salmon (just a little bit) without any sign of trouble. The next day for dinner, I had some salmon and I added a little bit of mashed potatoes. I probably took in about 4 ounces total.  Shortly afterwards I felt bad. I laid down hoping it would pass. Finally tried a gas-x dissolvable strip and that gave me a little relief. Went to bed and still felt uncomfortable. Woke up at 4 a.m. I started vomited blood. By 4:30 I had thrown up so much blood I decided to call EMS. I was in the ER until 7 pm and was finally admitted for 2 days and nights in the hospital. Multiple tests confirmed that there was no rupture, but there was something wrong with my gall bladder. The bottom line is the food choice I made (which was wrong) precipitated gall bladder attack. There was not a blockage but it is not working properly. Will need to have it removed. Bariatric nurse advised me to avoid spicy or fatty foods when I am able to progress from protein shakes. Yes, back on protein shakes. Feeling better. Lesson learned.


Day 8 - Post op

Dec 12, 2012


Here we are Day 8. Second day on protein shakes. Yeah! Got all my staples out today. Yeah! Lost 10 lbs since last Dr. visit. Yeah!

Why still so blue? My knee is still sore from spraining it over Thanksgiving. I am trying to stay off of it so it will heal. I miss the exercise of walking every morning. I miss going to the gym and it will most likely be at least 2 more weeks. :-(


Day 6 - Post op

Dec 10, 2012


Two days ago I felt like I hit a wall. I had been taking my pain meds more for my sprained knee than surgery issues and paid a price. I also took off my bandages (because they itched), and it was difficult to see. 36 staples - Eek!




Day 3 post op

Dec 07, 2012

Home at last! There is nothing better than being home and sleeping in your own bed.

Recovery is going better than I expected. Still taking Hydrocodone (just in case), keeping up with drinking liquids, and started the day with 30 min (1 mile) walk.

Hoping all my fellow sleevers are doing as well. :-)


Post op day 2

Dec 06, 2012

All seems to be going well. Walked around the block twice. WhooHoo! Finally convinced Dad that I would be okay at home. So good to be home. :-)



Dec 05, 2012

Surgery went well. Post-op seems okay. 

Glad I brought toothbrush and sweat jacket. 



Can't sleep

Dec 03, 2012

In 2 hours I leave for the hospital. There is still so much to do. Got to get some rest. 


Family concerns

Dec 02, 2012

Got a call from my dad last night. He hasn't wanted me to have the lap band, much less the revision. Generally, he shares his concerns, but supports my decision. He called to tell me that a church member's daughter had similar surgery that I am planning to have on Tues. and has had many complications, additional surgery and hospitalization. He doesn't have any specifics that we can discuss. But he is scared. I don't blame him. But no surgery is without risks. This is something I feel that I have to do.

I feel like I have done everything right this time. I have worked hard to lose half the weight ahead of time. I have been going to the gym and walking and am in good physical health. I am no longer on ANY medication. I am hoping that my efforts will make recovery go quicker. I cannot wait to get back to the gym, but know that I will have to be patient and take it one day at a time.


Just a few more days...

Dec 01, 2012


I believe I have all the supplies that I will need for the next few weeks. If I missed anything, that is just too darn bad.

It's been tough since I sprained my knee last week. No Advil or Cortisone shot for me or I would have to reschedule surgery. Finally got Hydrocodone and life has been bearable. It is really messing up my plans. Since I stopped walking, my weight loss has stopped as well. I was hoping to rev up my walking program during recovery after surgery, but that is not going to happen now.

I have continued going to the gym and will miss it during my recovery. Today I tried on a shirt my coach ordered for me. At the time he ordered a size smaller than what I wanted. I laughed. When he gave it to me the other day it looked too small and I was just not up for beating up on myself. I tried on the shirt this morning and it fit! Not only did it fit, but it is loose enough that I feel perfectly comfortable in it. :-)

Now if I could just stick to liquid only...


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