Where Has the Summer Gone?

Oct 04, 2013

From May to October, I live in a camper in Minnesota (and work from there).  I'm blessed with trees, hills, tons of lakes and rivers, and scenic places to walk.  There is a county park about a mile and a half from me, and I walk or run there most days.  And if I'm feeling energetic, I go for a hike once I get there in the trails through the woods.  

A few years ago, I remember walking to the park and thinking that "oh my God, I can't do this", but also thinking "I wish I could experience this beauty every day".  

So right after my surgery, I made a commitment to myself that I was going to enjoy the outdoors more often.  And get fit.  For a 52 year old who has never been active her entire life, this is a challenge.  Add to that menopause, bad knees, and a hip that doesn't always cooperate with me and you have you have a recipe for a tough road.

I envied the young slim things that would run by in the park with their iPods, and thought, "I should do that".  So I started with the walking.  I signed up for my first 5K without knowing if I could walk 3.1 miles.  It turns out that walking to the park and back again happens to be 3.2 miles.  On the way, there are two benches overlooking the river and the lake, and at the park there are lots of picnic tables and shelters.  I used them a lot right off the bat to catch my breath and get off my feet.  The first time I walked to the park without stopping was a victory.  Then I walked there AND back without stopping.  I was ready for my first 5K, which was not timed but a lot of fun (I walked the whole way).  

Coming off the high of the 5K, I decided to try running.  Lots of people recommended the Couch to 5K plan, so I tried that.  Turns out even that was too challenging for me - I couldn't run 15 seconds, much less 1 minute at a time.  But I kept at it, and found other plans that start out with only 15 seconds of running at a time (Mayo Clinic).  Then someone posted a beginning running plan where you start out running one minute, walking three minutes.  By now, I could do that, so I started that plan.

I just started week 3 of the new plan, so I'm running one minute, walking one minute, repeat for 20 minutes.  This is where the C2K plan STARTS!  So I'm a slow learner, but when I look at where I came from, I'm ecstatic!  And I get to be outside enjoying nature, from deer, ducks, geese, to Great Blue Herons and bunny rabbits.  

I'm stretching out my Minnesota stay as long as I can (until they shut the water off), so I'll be here until the 12th of October.  Then I'll drive back to my permanent residence in Fort Worth for the next 7 months.  And although the scenery isn't as pretty, I'm determined that I will continue my quest to learn how to run.  And not on a treadmill - I'd die from boredom!

Some of my accomplishments this summer:

  • Walked 2 5K's, both untimed.  
  • Walked/ran 1 5K, timed (46:42 time)
  • Repeat sleep study says I no longer have sleep apnea, therefore am not at a higher risk for stroke or heart attack
  • Pants size went from 16 to 10, bra size 38C to 34DD
  • Lost 38 pounds - 12 more pounds and I'll be a normal BMI

I feel healthy, strong, and confident enough to try anything.  





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