Local Woman ‘Bypasses’ Former Way of Life Written by Stefani Sobers

Newport Arkansas resident Janine Engler is a happy woman, having shed more than 212 pounds after her gastric bypass surgery almost 15 mo. ago. Gastric bypass is a procedure in which the stomach is reduced to a pouch 0.5oz in size. The lower intestine is then re-routed to the pouch and the rest of the stomach is “bypassed.” Because of this, men and women who have the surgery are restricted to eat only foods that can be easily digested. Complex carbohydrates and concentrated sugars are a not allowed. “I have seen that thin person a few times, and I am truly taken aback,” she said. “I still sometimes can’t believe that it’s me.” Engler, a stepmother of three, made a firm decision to have the bypass surgery more than a year ago when her weight reached a high of 381 pounds. She said her inability to perform daily tasks was worsening. “I was always so tired, I couldn’t even play with my kids and that truly made me sad. I knew if I didn’t do something, I wouldn’t live long enough to see them grow up.” Now at 169 pounds (much of it extra skin) Engler has surpassed her ideal goal, and has gone from wearing a size 32 or bigger to a standard misses size 10. According to Courtney Sutterfield, M.S. RD/LD, a dietician who has worked with Engler throughout her surgery, being diligent is what got this patient such great results. “Janine is one of only a handful of people I have seen who really follow the rules,” she said. “She realizes that the surgery is only a tool and that it is up to her to make healthy food choices and exercise daily. (As a result) she has become a healthier person inside and out.” Engler said her goal now is to be able to see that thin woman every time she looks in the mirror. In order to do that, she needs close to 20 pounds of skin removed from her body. “I feel great, but the extra skin is a constant reminder of my old body,” she said. “I have worked so hard to get here, it would be nice to be able to do some things that would allow me to enjoy it.” Engler did say that one of her dearest wishes recently came true when in play, her husband Travis, carried her over the threshold of their family’s home.

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