Siamak Agha

"After losing more than 200 pounds, I was left with massive amounts of excess skin that would certainly require a specialist in extreme weight loss cases. I found Dr. Agha in 2010 while researching plastic surgeons. I came to Dr. Agha August, 2014, for my consult. I was extremely nervous, as in the past, I was either turned away because the surgery was too complex, or told that only partial work could be completed . I was consistently left hurt and discouraged. As soon as I walked into Dr. Agha’s office, I felt immediately welcomed by a warm and inviting staff. Photo albums with his before and after work made me feel hopeful. I realized that I was coming with challenges above and beyond excess skin, including mesh from a hernia repair and a botched tummy tuck job. Dr. Agha was confident and explained everything to my fiancée and me. We booked my first surgery for October 13, 2014. This would include a vertical thigh plasty, thigh liposuction, buttock fat transfer, partial tummy tuck and an arm lift. I was amazed and so happy with my results and I could not wait to continue my journey. I went on to have my next surgery on May 20, 2015. At that time, I had a lower body lift which included elevation of front thigh, outer thigh lift, buttock lift, liposuction of lower back, liposuction of abdomen, liposuction of flanks, and buttock fat transfer. I also had an arm lift revision, liposuction of saddlebags, liposuction back of thighs, and my tummy tuck was completed. With my prior tummy botched job in 2007, my new tummy tuck had to be done in stages. The results are unbelievable. I still have more surgeries to do, which I look forward to doing as soon as I am able. Dr. Agha has changed my life not just in looks but the way I feel physically and mentally. I have faith in his abilities, because he can see the big picture. I see him as an artist who knows what will compliment your body. I have come so far and I cannot wait to continue with Dr. Agha. He has given me a new life and I will be forever grateful for his services. I was so used to living with my excess skin, I never really stepped outside myself to take a good look. Last week I got up the courage to take a look at the photos from the day before each of my surgeries. Tearfully, I realized what a drastic change I have undergone. I cannot wait to continue on to the next phase of my journey with Dr. Agha, who has truly changed my life. "

John Baker

"1. I was very intimidated. On our 1 on 1 visit I cried like a baby :)I was afraide of him. I am just a VERY sencitive person. 2. Dr. Baker is WONDERFUL and makes you feel so good. Everything changed after surgery. 3. The staff is very kind and very concerned. COMMUNICATION IS VERY IMPORTANT! 4. 5. 6. After care is SUPER important and they all let you know that. 7. 8. Dr. Baker does not miss a thing VERY informative. 9. Dr. Baker is AWESOME. He is stricked and He really makes you think. 10. I think it is ALL important. "

Baptist Health Medical Center (COE)

"This was my first hospital stay in my life. I only had 1 problem and that was with a nurse who did not like me from the start."
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